Pwning Life: Change Your Perception of “Professionalism”

It’s very likely I’m confusing the word professional with refined, but given that a lot of people tend to do this already, why the heck not take it like this? I’ve been raised to live within your means (or at least I hope that’s the case), and quite frankly that means giving up the grandiose for the basics. For what works over what looks good. As a supposed filmmaker I’ve heard how everyone needs great cameras or editing software to make it…and all I can think about when I hear this is how the filmmakers of yesteryear got by on less than what I currently have. So what does that say about being top of the line?

There are two points in the vlog I want to stress in this supplemental blog, one being clothing (more like costuming) and the other tools. How about I put my money where my mouth is and share some tools which aren’t “professional” but certainly make the process of creation not only work, but happen…

Dropbox – A file sharing program that makes collaborative multimedia projects all the more possible. In the past this program required you to share a folder with another user, and process that required constant syncing anytime your file setup changed. With the inclusion of a download link feature, you can setup files as if you’re downloading a file from anywhere else on the Internet. With 2 GB for free at the start with the potential of 16+ GB and still be free…what’s not to love?

Kdenlive – Most producers use big name programs like Adobe, Final Cut, or even Sony Vegas. These are money grubbing companies, however, and will drain the hopeful movie maker dry. But did you know there’s an open source program available for your editing needs? Like a boss! It’s made primarily for Linux, however, with no Windows support. But screw Windows, am I right? I mean they’re awesome. Yeah.

Blender – You need to spend thousands of dollars in order to jump into 3D animation. Well…just the very simplest of computer setup, actually, and use of the free 3D animating software. And did I mention it’s free? Forget about going to college for this as well, because if you want to animate, just…animate. And if it’s about not knowing how to use the program, there are plenty of tutorials on this program to get you started. Apparently this has video editing capabilities as well, so why the heck aren’t you using this already?

OpenOffice – Do you know people are still being forced to work just from Microsoft Office? Know a friend who had to buy it just to finish up a college class. College. I thought they taught intelligence at those places? While there are other options, one of the most popular is OpenOffice, which is pretty much the same thing as Microsoft Office, only you don’t need to shell out over $100 to use it. Per year.

Avidemux – Another open source video editor for your movie making needs, though a little lower in terms of awesomeness. This one does have Windows support, though, and it’s a step above Windows Movie Maker, so why the hell not?

Audacity – Being told you need a proper editing software to be the best damn band on the planet. Nope! Just get yourself Audacity for all your sound editing needs. It’s free and badass with a side of ass.

Media Converter – Sometimes you need the right video file format in order to make a project work, be it the necessity of the final output or to even make the product final to begin with. Your setup won’t accept the format of what you’re trying to input, and you’re stuck. Not anymore with Media Converter, which can convert most video files into other ones like magic. Slow magic, but magic nonetheless. For free it can give you five conversations a day, while for just $85 a year you can do it an unlimited number of times. For the patient media maker, it’s blessing, otherwise shelling out that amount isn’t too bad a deal because of the boon to your production it will give. And given you’ve already saved so much money with all these other options…*shrug*

GIMP – Aww, man! Photoshop is expensive! Naw, I just playing. Just get GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program. Clever name, don’t you think? YES IT IS!!!

Google – Yes, just Google. This company is ridiculous in what it offers the world. By just having a Gmail account (a mega hella awesome email, I must say), you have access to so many Google products. My favorites are of course YouTube and Drive, the former being the premiere video hosting site of the Internet, the latter being not only an online file depository but offers the ability to create your own documents. Yes, that includes scripts, when in truth all you really need is a text file if you so desperately need to write. Add onto the fact Google is primarily known for it’s Search Engine, you have all you need to be a proper creator. All you need to do is act.

I’ve missed a few, so just check out this video for a few more products at your disposal. Needless to say, I don’t think it takes much to make creative works. Just a lot of personal work and focus, and the rest is easy. I blame my time listening to M dot Strange and Screamerclauz on Forever Alone Filmmaking for the lot of it, and the knowledge that such a company as Troma exists. You don’t need the best of everything in order to make something moving. You just need to be creative, and thanks to the world we now live in things couldn’t be simpler. Sadly this doesn’t stop people from telling you there is a system that must be followed, and will continually try to sell you something you don’t need.  All I can say is don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

Now…onto clothing/costuming, which supposedly makes the man. Yuck. It’s a hard thing to break, peoples’ collective perception of what is powerful and distinguished in society. Hollywood has even made the concept of walking the red carpet a show for fashion rather than just a walkway to get to the damned event. Even the events for these occasions are nothing but show, and throughout it all everyone is meant to look beautiful/handsome (depending on which word you prefer), giving the impression this is what “having it made” looks like to the world. Wearing clothes for which the very act of cleaning would cost more in a week than what most make in a month. Yeah, that just sounds awesome. I’ll take my cheap shirts and pants, thank you very much.

This is not to say that fashion or costume doesn’t have its place in my heart, because I’m all for using it with purpose. Theater, movies, concerts, etc. have purpose with it because all that is a lie. It’s all about presenting a front for entertainment through sound, visuals, and ideas. In that circumstance it’s perfectly okay to dress to impress, because we’re practically expecting to be lied to. Meanwhile, the act of living should be honest, and while I’m certain there are plenty of people who go about their lives with a front, it’s not for me. I can’t and won’t pretend to be something I’m not, and will forever buy the $5 watch over the Rolex.

Just my opinion as of now, though I’m certain it shall evolve over time as well. The ability to live comfortably ever has a sliding scale effect on thoughts like these, and while I would like to believe I would continue shopping at Goodwill and similar stores if I won the lottery (of which I need to get back into), who is to say? For now I ever remain your poor, erratic, and misguided fool of a man, and hopefully I remain that way regardless of living conditions.


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