40 Days & 40 Nights: Masturbation #2

1048383_10152999863360183_1655590212_oMunching on cookies right now, and feeling quite content despite the fact I need to clean up a bathroom, finish laundry, catch up on video production (as ever), and remember the rest of my theatrical lines by heart for tonight’s rehearsal. Never mind the fact I’m writing this and will likely throw several other things on myself, but I digress. The last 40 was fairly lackluster in terms of changes. Keep away from certain junk food, but feel free to indulge in others. Makes sense? I don’t think so either, but I was pulling things out of my ass when I made the commitment, given I had no plans in place. It’s that way once again, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

There were two instances of cookie consumption that occurred since I’ve last written here (aside from the one right now).  One occurred during a birthday party in which I got in my awesome corset getup by voter request. The artist collective I’m part of knew I likely had it on me and voted to have it present, so I pulled up my stockings and danced. And got drunk enough to convince myself it’s okay to consume the Birthday Cake Oreo Cookies,  because there was no actual cake. You are free to judge me on this because I could have said no, but as it goes.

The other occasion occurred during last weekend while working the second day on a 48 Hour Film Project with noted artist collective. I was feeling drained and incredibly depressed, and as an act of pity and guilt allowed myself some cookies to feel better while demeaning myself at the same time. Those who actually have a calender will note the 48 took place after my deadline for the last 40, so I guess I made myself feel bad for no good reason? Wouldn’t be the first time and it likely won’t be the last.

So now here we are with yet another Lent to complete if I hope to keep on schedule, and I got nothing prepared. I had two that I said I would commit to, but they require a bit of planning that I didn’t have nor could I get them going in just a few days to keep on schedule. Can you tell that’s important to me? So screw it. Let’s give up masturbation again and be done with it. Attempt #2 has started since July 25, and I’ll be finished on September 4. Huzzah. More like lack of huzzah because I’m pretty sure this is going to go bad again, but stranger things have happened. Now with this out of the way, time to keep busy!


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One thought on “40 Days & 40 Nights: Masturbation #2

  1. […] Not that doing so would be in my best interest, but as it goes. Needless to say I’ve failed the Lent, but it was to be expected. Habits die hard, though I thankfully wasn’t going out of my mind […]

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