Geek.Kon 2013 – In Summary

On August 24, 2013, I attended Geek.Kon 2013, the only other convention I went to other than Anime Central. Given how I’ve always written something about ACen after coming home (six articles over the years…and counting), it only made sense to write something for Geek.Kon as well, you know? Granted it’s not going to be as large because I didn’t work the convention and only went there one day on my own dime, but got to give some notice to it, you know?

The decision to go to Geek.Kon was influenced via fellow actors of The Waiting Room, which was brought up when we got to talking about anime fandom. It was thought to be a good idea to have a Waiting Room gathering at Geek.Kon, therefore we would have a group of people to support us in an otherwise new environment. And thus I and two others arrived at the Marriott Madison West in the afternoon, and spent our hours there being giddy as all hell. More my companions than myself, because my apparent giddiness and nonstop smiles were brought on by two hours rest. It helps to be surrounded by awesome, sure, but lack of sleep is quite the loopy inducer.

There really isn’t that much more to say than what’s already in the video, the video description on YouTube, and another blog talking about crowdfunding. That would make this a rather pointless post, save one thing: it’s a tradition to always share the advertisements I gather from ACen, so it should be no different at Geek.Kon. It must be noted, However, I’m at ACen throughout the entirety of the convention, and actively look for such things because of the article I would eventually write. So not only did I spend just one short day at Geek.Kon, but I also went without gathering advertisements because of poor planning and/or forgetfulness. I say all that, because in total I only have three advertisements to share from this con experience. Mind you they are detailed stories unto themselves (save one), so are much more approachable.

1231311_10151687488723143_1220344273_nFirst up is Meg’s Craft Creations, headed up by Megan Murray, a fiber artist (a nifty title to say that she can crochet like a boss). Aside from the basic Super Mario Mushrooms and Poké Ball collection, a Magikarp hat really caught my eye, and was incredibly affordable given the time it took to make and what you were getting out of it: a Magikarp made out of yard that looked like it was eating your head. Be sure to check out her deviantART, where you can get a much bigger idea of what she’s capable of doing.

Then there’s Lee O’Hanlon, who is actually related to the female counterpart I visited Geek.Kon with. She geeked out constantly to Lee about his work while I watched, and I eventually figured we were spending too much of his time I needed to buy something from him with with what little money I had left. Found a “French Toast” magnet I thought one of our Waiting Room co-stars would love, and sure enough, she did. Thank you Lee!

Last is Pegasus Games, which sought people to let them know they were having a “garage sale” on August 31…well, this is a little late. Still, it’s a rule to always share what advertisements I have, and the store gets good cred for selling Twilight Imperium to my roommate. He was about to spend over $200 just to get it asap, and they happened to have one in stock when he was driving by a little after closing. They didn’t have to sell it to him, but because they did, they will ever get my kudos for making the man happy.

So that was Geek.Kon 2013, and what a time it was. If I’m smart I’ll come round next year, and maybe even work the convention floor as an IRT type guy. Whatever task I can do, because not being responsible while at con feels so alien. There’s only so much buying, observing, and panel viewing you can do. Next I’ll be expected to actually bother folk about their costumes and how rad they are…what? I’m supposed to interrupt people while walking and tell them how awesome they are? Do you have any idea HOW awesome EVERYONE at con is to me? I’d never sleep if I committed to that! Oh well…

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2 thoughts on “Geek.Kon 2013 – In Summary

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