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Things Are Happening Places: Northside Independence Day Celebration

Warner Park July 2004 Madison Flickr

Do you take a part in making your community awesome? I don’t just mean the clubs you are part of, the volunteer work you may do, but the actual well being of your community, how it functions and lives? Due to the fact I’m always keeping to myself, I never really understood the collectives around me making things happen. Milwaukee was such a blur I couldn’t even tell you it had a theater scene, and Fort Atkinson may be small but it has initiatives which are worthy of anyone’s time. But here in Madison? Sort of getting the hang of it, but it took me a whole year to realize my location had something called the Northside Planning Council which is not only looking out for my interests…but giving the community a dang good time.

On July 5th starting 8 AM, the Northside around Warner Park is going to be the staging area for a multitude of activities. It all starts with a parade that will weave through the bike paths of the park, leading to a welcoming program to begin the days activities of games, music, contests, and food. A Mallards game will start at 4:35 PM, a Hometown Sweethearts performance at 7:45 PM, and the night will finish off with fireworks…yes, that sounds like a fairly fun filled day, and something awesome to look into should one still wish to party after the 4th of July. Given it’s my living location, I’m bound to notice it and be enticed to participate, though the crowd will likely scare me off. But if they have good brats at a decent price and a combination of interesting fried foods…just maybe.

Things Are Happening Places: Coffee Gallerie Open Mic

The Coffee Gallerie Open Mic July 2014

Truth be told, I don’t think I’ve actually been to an open mic before. Never got myself out of the house much, and the most artistic culture I’ve had has been here in Madison. And yet I still haven’t gotten myself to a open mic! Though this could possibly change? A place called Coffee Callerie recently caught my attention when it was noted a monthly open mic is held there. The info was second and required some verification, and they didn’t even have an official graphic to advertise the gathering. That does seem to be the standard of most gatherings these days, doesn’t it? Well, I managed to make the one above, so they have one now, right? And it’s totally fine and not amateur at all! Moving on…

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Things Are Happening Places: Are We Delicious? – Delicious Festival

Are We Delicious Logo June 2014

Theater (or “theatre” if you prefer) is rocking. Theater on the fly (done right) is even better. I have enough trouble trying to conceive how a show it done at all, but those who make it in just a single week? Genius! Thus is the premise of your basic Are We Delicious? showcase, a show made up of incredibly talented writers, improvisers, and actors. Okay, so I have never gone to a show myself, but the talk of the town is that this is the show to see when it happens to come round. And you know what? Not only is there more Deliciousness on the rise, but auditions for the next run are incoming as well. Continue reading

Things Are Happening Places: Real Hipster Army – Summer of Bad Movies

Real Hipster Army Logo June 2014

I listen to far too many podcasts. This can be a problem, given that my focus tends to get distracted by conversation when I need to be working on something, and the amount of mindless labor I can do isn’t of sufficient value to keep up with the influx of media I get. I managed to finally catch up with over a years worth of backlogged episodes during my last work venture, but with that good and gone (possibly until the next football season starts), the podcasts have been accumulating again. One of these podcasts is the Real Hipster Army, which I’m so behind on that I wasn’t aware that the whole of July is going to be a bit special for them. Continue reading

Just Crawl In Your Hole and Rot

I recently (okay, it was some weeks ago, but recent enough) made yet another morbid tweet, this one talking about putting my hand in a blender…stopping!…Then continuing to make mash of my hand because I have to. Not a good thought, and as of this writing (made this the same time as the tweet, and I schedule my postings because SMART) I don’t really know how the world is taking it (if at all). I assume it’s making others uncomfortable, but it’s what’s in my head. If I don’t get it out, it’s just going to stew and I might end up putting my hand in a blender for real. That I already “put my hand in a blender” despite the release I give myself is another thing altogether.

I’m abusive to myself. The world has done its duty and taught me I am filth, and I take on the task of abuse “joyously” with the knowledge I’m doing the right thing. I make sure I’m out of sight and ear of others and…a roar of rage, vomit of slurs, bite of the hand, punch to something solid, slap across my face, more than a simple smack to my forehead, scratching the lengths of my arms…I am not proud of any of this, and we should all know how this perpetual engine works by now. These “small” instances of abuse are really just a taste of what’s in my head, which yearns for a peace had only in unconsciousness. That I can only attain it through wretched hours of loathing or a drastic action is the troubling part. Continue reading

Things Are Happening Places: Tromadance 2014 (also Emily Youcis)

Despite the fact I shouldn’t have known a dang thing about Troma movies in my youth if my parents had done their parenting duties, I somehow came to know of the Toxic Avenger and related films. I honestly couldn’t tell you how this came to be, though I have memories of Troma films being played on USA and watching Class of Nuke ‘Em High with my parents…but hey, they told me when to close my eyes, because that’s enough, right? But I honestly don’t mind that such media was a small part of my youth, because while I never fully embraced Troma, a seed was planted which I have embraced in the now. God dammit, Troma films are what filmmaking should be about…in the sense they just go out there and make films, and not the hyper violence and sex that’s associated with it. Just to clarify. Continue reading

Things Are Happening Places: Makeshift Media Group & Project Famous Films Showcase

Makeshift Media Group n Project Famous Films Showcase June 2014

You wouldn’t really guess it from the way I’ve been floundering about for the past year, but filmmaking is fairly big to me. It’s a medium I’ve been learning through YouTube as a hobby, and I’ve hoped to make it a full time thing…as silly as that sounds. Truth be told, there isn’t much money in filmmaking unless you’re lucky or really get the business aspect of it. There’s also the fact you need to be good at what you do, which not only means skill but consistency and speed. I has none because of past stated reasons in my oh so emo blog here, so I won’t go into it again. What I will go into is how awesome I think the filmmaking crowd here in Madison is, and if/when/ever I get my head out of my ass, heads will roll (with boredom?). Continue reading

Things Are Happening Places: Rocky Horror Picture Show @ Majestic Theatre


The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of those movies I’ve watched many times over. It first came to my attention back when my dad noted it was playing on VH1 for its annual viewing, and I thought it was stupid and gross from the random scenes I saw as a child. Then my older brother got into it during late high school (going so far as to get a soundtrack), and I finally got to see the full film and…liking it. My older bro eventually came to dislike the film for some reason, while I continued to appreciate it and one day dreamed to see it with audience participation…which I did (more than a few times). Continue reading

Things Are Happening Places: Know Better Productions – Dramatic Readings

Know Better Pro - Lottery Dramatic Reading June 2014

Through Project Famous I got to know an amazing collective of people, two of which have played major parts in a few productions over the two years PF has been running: Simone LaPierre and Brian Belz. Both are rocking folk who have been kicking it in the creative scene within Madison for some time. They are both a part of Know Better Productions (website out of date, so check out their Facebook Page), which “[does] theatre and other things such as filmmaking/dancing/photography/making web pages/and more,” as it’s quoted from MadStage. While it could just be a case of me not paying attention, to date there is really only one production they’ve made thus far, which a performance of The Eight: Reindeer Monologues. Continue reading

Pwning Life: Act Without Knowing

It feels strange to be writing a “Pwning Life” post when my life is very much in shambles, yet I’m suddenly inspired to talk on something after I came across an old bit of “writing” within some old folders. Back in the day I used to be a part of a writer’s critique group that met weekly to discuss each other’s writing. I talked about it a bit in a video, and in summary I had no business being there because I’m a vulgar atheist heathen. That I was allowed to be round as long as I did was indeed a miracle, though it still won’t change my stance on religion or that I was much better off elsewhere. That I never did join another writer’s group is another thing altogether.

The formula of each week’s gathering was as such: come forth with other’s writing you got last week, share announcements and/or advice, discuss and critique the prior week’s documents, possibly do a writing exercise, and get handed new documents to look over for next week. It did wonders to keep us on track with a quota, a quota I could never keep up with because I was a lazy schmuck. And yet one week instead of bringing in writing as I was supposed to, I brought in a mock pamphlet that spoke on the author Jacob Nelson (which is me…duh). I titled it Books You Don’t Need To Know About with the tagline, “Sometimes you just have to eat some cheese.” Continue reading