ACen 2014 Adverts

Anime Central 2014 advertisements, business cards, and promos…GO!!!

  • A Slap on Titan – In the vein of hilarious Team Four Star parodies, this one is for Attack on Titan, which is all the rage these days. Because naked giants chasing after you is scary as hell.
  • Albert The Alien – Kickstarter for a new graphic novel and OH HEY! This is a venture from Trevor Mueller! Which means it’s badass and deserves to get pushed through. DO IT!!!
  • Anime California – Anime convention that’s in California…obviously…and sponsored by Crunchyroll.
  • Anime NebrasKon – Anime convention that’s in Nebraska…and DANG that’s fine word play! I’m sold!

  • Anime Power Level – A reviewing website that keeps tabs on fandom/geekdom over in the Chicago area. There are other things, sure, but that alone makes me smile.
  • Back to Earth Creations – Handmade jewelery and costumes, with an emphasis on metal wire and chain links.
  • Baimon – An illustrator an an appreciation for anime and gaming. Whoo!
  • Bling Up – So much Japanese bling (ha ha, jewelery) they you will go blind. Yes, this is a good thing.
  • BoardGameGeek – So many board games…so many games!
  • Clash Threads – Video game themed shirts? Video games! Be sure to use “CONBONUS” for a discount on Smash Bros. shirts.
  • Crocker Corp – A business card which leads to a FB page and tumblr of Dad Egbert. Something to do with Homestuck. I honestly don’t even.
  • Dan the Bard – A musician who focuses on making fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, and anime lyrics to Renaissance, Medieval, Celtic and original music. The advertisement had a fun little dice rolling feature to it (featuring Dan’s music, of course), and I would be smart to look into the D&D themed songs at some point.
  • Discotek Media – A company which licenses and releases anime/live action Asian movies on DVD in North America.
  • Dragons Trading – A vendor which participated in some of the biggest Anime Conventions for over 6 years. Believe in their advertising!
  • Extra Life – A fundraising effort akin to the jogging method people do, except it involves video gaming. I honestly never understood these methods of fundraising, but as it goes.
  • Geek Fan Expo – A convention held in Michigan that seeks to build the next generation of convention by bringing geeks of every type together to share a truly social geek fan experience.
  • Geekspotting – A podcast which speaks on culture and our need to geek out about it. Because culture is Serious Business, yo!
  • Grave Impressions – A webcomic which appears to provide a noir detective story of deception, speculation, and assumption. Just like a story of its kind should be.
  • Hummingbird – Don’t really know what this is because the explanation is vague, but it claims to be the easiest way to track, share and discover new anime. How? Again, incredibly vague. Bad advertising in that sense, because understanding what one goes into before you give away data is just common sense. Will hopefully be much more clear in the coming months?
  • Idol Matsuri – A convention that seeks to share three full days of Japanese idol music. Just thinking on this gives me a sugar rush.
  • Infimana – A chiptune artist of the Chicago area. Much yes!
  • Japanime Games – Do you like board games? How about games from Japan? Rocking!
  • Jasmine-Denise Photography – A multi-talented artist who focuses upon photagraphy, but has also written a few books. Noice!
  • Judiee – Business card of Judy Lee, designer and storyteller. Appears to enjoy working on fonts. I can dig it.
  • Just Gerald Media – Business card of Julian Gerald, a photographer who focuses upon the convention lifestyle (cosplay, functions, parties, etc.).
  • Kandi Kastle – Seller of kandi masks, bracelets, bras, etc. and more than willing to work on custom order. This is actually a venture done by one of my fellow staff, so this gets my ultra mega super awesome seal of approval.
  • Kitsune: of Foxes & Fools – A card game about mystical foxes which got its funding through Kickstarter.
  • Lucidsky – Arist Meng Wang!…Um…and I got nothing else. Sorry about that.
  • MangaGamer – Seller of games, anime, manga, visual novels, and more!
  • Misunderstood Creature Entertainment – The website doesn’t have much information at this time, but what I do know is that they had a section set up for themselves in the video gaming room. A demo for Meep the Spacebat was available, which is a side-scrolling shooter, but other than that…*shrug*
  • Mori Chack – Found a tag from an “all purpose rabbit” that looked like the face of a human from the side when its ear was folded over. With a little digging found this to be from the same guy who made Gloomy Bear. Good times!
  • NonPlayable Records – Independent Electronic Music label of Jara Moloney.
  • Otakon – A convention of the otaku generation by fans and for fans.
  • Quantum Dimension Productions – A cosplay group which used to be Quantum Dimension Cosplay, but is now re-branded. Because MARKETING!!!
  • RAM Restaurant & Brewery – Burgers and beer? Yes please! To note, RAM got official advertising with Anime Central, and presenting the promotion would take 10% off an order…only during the con, of course. I also find it amusing they went through the trouble of teaching their staff featured drinks such as the Eren Jeager Shot and Gum-Gum Fruit.
  • Red Falcon – “Clothing” store which specializes in high-profile, low maintenance stainless steel armour for live-action combat and jousts. Because once you’re selling wearables that be deflect sharp and point objects, is it really clothing anymore? They also cater to the Steampunk crowd, so jump in on that if you love em.
  • Ry-Spirit – Illustrator who appreciates the fandom, YES!!!
  • Second City Scooters – What’s a scooter business doing at ACen? *shrug*
  • Shattered Earth – Business card of Susan Lau: illustrator, concept artist, graphic designer, and wild Susacorn…it’s what her website says, yo!
  • Shin Makoku – A business card for a guild within Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? Curious!
  • Sizer Design + Illustration – Home base of Paul Sizer, who has been working art and comics much better than you and I for many years now.
  • SoulCrash – Otherwise known as Ronald Ladao, who is a freelance photagrapher and videographer whose been going to conventions for years. Years!
  • Steam Aged – Steampunk themed jewelry and accessories. Yes.
  • T.B.O.A. Sad – Creator of a neat but morbid collection of plushies. Also, a new book!
  • Twylite Fashion – A Canadian company that’s been in the business of “sweet lolita & gothic lolita punk style” clothing for twelve years. Business card quote, so it must be true.
  • VampireFreaks – An online community of people who appreciate…things. Mostly vampires. Also gothic-industrial culture. Wish I knew what that even was, because I’m sure it’s more than just appreciating neat clothing.
  • Voice Acting Mastery – Appears to be a podcast/teaching venture of Crispin Freeman, a fellow who voiced Alucard, but not of the Castlevania variety. Nothing against the Hellsing version, but I love my men to have deep voices. Meow? No, not meow, I just like deep voices.


Done. Descriptions are likely a lot shorter from previous years, but I’m not too enthused to get too in-depth with all the trouble I need to get through right now. Okay!? Now support the community that makes your fandom awesome. Huzzah!

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