My Akoha Backlog #3 – Duct Tape Flowers are BETTER…but…

We once again return with more Akoha Backlog, because being obsessive is a pain in the ass. This weeks mission is called Power Walk and required me to, “Walk somewhere that [I] normally commute to. Photograph something [I] wouldn’t have seen otherwise.” A little complicated to complete, given that the locations I would drive to are farther than my bike would take me (sensibly), and I otherwise need the car to haul items. And if I need to head somewhere close, I just bike to it to save time. Because walking is for losers. But I guess I needed to bite the bullet on this one, and at least try to find a location I haven’t been to many times before, because I’ve explored the hell out of my locale in the past year.

But walk I did, however…I did something a little unorthodox: I did this mission in conjunction with a prior mission. Just as that mission had the benefit of taking out many birds with the same stone, I thought I would work the same here. Doing this makes me feel as if I’ve broken a “rule” and I find myself wanting to stray from such things in the future. Hopefully it shall be the case, or at the very least I’ll be kinder to myself because DAMMIT, I’m supposed to be making mistakes, right?

As already noted, the day I decided to do the prior mission was a rainy one, and after I put of up the final posting I quickly ran myself to the closest fast food location. I don’t think I ate that day, and it seemed like a good idea to rest there while I waited for the worst of the weather to pass. After I filled myself up with plenty of carbohydrates, I casually walked myself home and happened upon a collection of flowers set to be sold in the coming weeks. As they say, March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers, and this store was ready to make a buck.

VLOG Weekly Update 36 VLOG Weekly Update 36 VLOG Weekly Update 36 VLOG Weekly Update 36

While I ever believe that duct tape flowers are forever better over real flowers, there’s something to appreciate about the care put into growing a living thing. I once tried to grow a tree from a simple seed, and while it started well and good it died for some odd reason. Botany takes a strong amount of patience and understanding that I’ve yet to fully understand. I don’t believe I’ll ever attain it for the craft, but it will certainly have my respect.


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