Things Are Happening Places: Queer Shorts 9

I honestly couldn’t tell you how I came up with the saying. Urban Dictionary and other Internet lingo has warped my brain to the point of accepting English words more on feeling than their supposed meaning and proper grammar, which has confused more than a few people who had the “honor” of being around me. But it has become a habit of mine nonetheless, and whenever I see something amazing that’s happening/about to happen, I exclaim, “Things are happening places!” in reference to the thing that is/about to happen. Why say it like this? Again, no clue, just accept with a smile and enjoy the places that are happening due to things.

I recently got an itch in my pants about…things. In that a lot of them are happening, and a lot of them aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Mostly from me, because I’ve been in a hole for the longest time and haven’t bothered with the happenings a whole lot because of I couldn’t be a part of them (time, sanity, money, etc.). But this doesn’t mean I can’t spread the good word, right? Especially given the fact those I would even DARE to call an acquaintance have many a thing going on in the place. So I’m going to try an experiment and share with you the things that are/going to happen, called Things Are Happening Places. So let me tell you about the things and what’s happening. Places.

Queer Shorts 9 Poster

My very first acting experience happened last year during Queer Shorts 8, which is an annual showcase of short plays presented by StageQ. It was scary and refreshing all at once, and it was a damn good start for me in the Madison area. That it turned to crap because of mental circumstance is another thing altogether. As such, seeing Queer Shorts 9 come up this year without my involvement or even the attempt was saddening. Had the next best thing and got to see the show instead of being a cog within it, which felt wrong…but was still quite entertaining.

There wasn’t a short I didn’t like for it’s humor and/or insight, though some notables come to mind. The final short obviously hits it home with the comedy and antics, while another involving a conversation between a straight man and a gay woman at a bar just made me giggle at how the conversation played out. Though I must say one short really caught my eye for its execution and content, which was a collection of monologues about the actors themselves. Due to the fact I try not to inquire into the lives of others (because issues bro), I can’t say everything they shared was on the level, though it was certainly powerful regardless (and if it was on the level, noice). The short also reminded me of how much attraction is fluid (and thus very complicated), a fact I always try and impart onto people should a conversation allow it. Doesn’t happen much, and I appreciate the short allows the conversation to go there.

I was otherwise happy to see actors I got to work with last year return for another round, because it’s a dang good time working through the magic of the show. The final three showings start tomorrow, and hopefully people have the sense to reserve a ticket. I recall last year’s Queer Shorts gathering quite the crowd, and I’m hoping this year it gets that and then some because it deserves it. And be sure to buy a raffle ticket as well, because colorful prizes are in the running. Also because supporting the arts, but again…colorful!


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