Things Are Happening Places: Madison Area Music Awards 2014

Project Famous at MAMAs 2014

MAMA stands for Madison Area Music Association, or Madison Area Music Awards if I’m to believe the current story shared upon their website. Confusing! It was created as a means to better represent Madison’s local music scene via an annual awards show and educational programs. The events 11th year is happening this coming June 22, and aside from enjoying the live performances and cheering on those who get their proper recognition, it’s a dang good way to get a crash course on the music scene of Madison.

The Red Carpet Event before the show is being manned by people I’ve gotten to know through Project Famous or related projects, so be sure to poke their faces and tell them they are awesome, because they truly are. There’s Tyler Falco Schott of Chez Bouche and Littlepodcast, Jason Ocker who has the honor of living with my madness as a roommate, RAW Madison’s 2013 Hairstylist of the Year Candi Robbins, and the dreamy voice of Karen Wheelock. Get your faces in pictures with them and talk it up!

The show will be held at the Overture Center on State Street, so the option of pre-gaming is available…what? Someone had to say it. Should you feel like rocking it after the MAMAs as well, there’s going to be an after party held at The Frequency, featuring performances by Midas Bison and Joey Broyles (PF represent!). Food will be provided by Upstairs Downstairs Catering, and all you need is to supply a $5 cover (or you MAMAs ticket stub) in order to be around them music folk. Or just those guys who rock to the music folk. Or just the folk who normally go to The Frequency on a Sunday night. It’s still going to be a party regardless of who’s there.


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