Things Are Happening Places: Know Better Productions – Dramatic Readings

Know Better Pro - Lottery Dramatic Reading June 2014

Through Project Famous I got to know an amazing collective of people, two of which have played major parts in a few productions over the two years PF has been running: Simone LaPierre and Brian Belz. Both are rocking folk who have been kicking it in the creative scene within Madison for some time. They are both a part of Know Better Productions (website out of date, so check out their Facebook Page), which “[does] theatre and other things such as filmmaking/dancing/photography/making web pages/and more,” as it’s quoted from MadStage. While it could just be a case of me not paying attention, to date there is really only one production they’ve made thus far, which a performance of The Eight: Reindeer Monologues.

Oh god…that show was incredibly depressing. Great entertainment, but your heart will turn into a giant hole by the end because of how rotten you feel about the world. Or maybe that’s just a matter of how I was feeling during that time: still within myself rather than attempting to be “out there” with all my issues. I was thankfully called upon to assist with button pushing and switch flipping during that time, and being appreciated by others was just what I needed (still need, actually). Through my time in the dark control booth, got to see twisted (the real?) versions of Santa’s reindeer speak their piece on a horrible tragedy that occurred, and did those actors certainly know how to sell it.

…Why am I talking about past events and personal feelings when I should speaking on the things of places happening? *ahem* There’s an official Know Better venture coming forth! This coming June 25th will start a series of weekly readings held at the Barnes & Noble of East Towne Mall here in Madison. First up is The Lottery, and then we got A Number July 2nd, ‘Art’ July 9th, and Bull (too new to have its own wiki yet?) July 16th. Plenty of oration to appreciate through the coming month, so if you’re curious on seeing some powerful players of the theater scene (minus the staging), come and check out a reading.


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