Things Are Happening Places: Rocky Horror Picture Show @ Majestic Theatre


The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of those movies I’ve watched many times over. It first came to my attention back when my dad noted it was playing on VH1 for its annual viewing, and I thought it was stupid and gross from the random scenes I saw as a child. Then my older brother got into it during late high school (going so far as to get a soundtrack), and I finally got to see the full film and…liking it. My older bro eventually came to dislike the film for some reason, while I continued to appreciate it and one day dreamed to see it with audience participation…which I did (more than a few times).

While many would say I’m wasting my time not experiencing more and better films in my life, I say that if I can go back to it and continue to be entertained, what does it matter? That and I consider RHPS to be a good film, so just watch your mouth. RHPS had good music, told its story in a bizarre manner, and pushed boundaries with the content they showed. It was a step in the right direction for understanding the fluidity of attraction, the ridiculous “norms” we have on gender/sex, and the wonders/dangers of a sexual lifestyle.

And there’s an audience participation showing of RHPS happening later on this week. The Majestic Theatre will be having two showings of RHPS on June 28. The live audience entertainment and direction will be hosted by Velvet Darkness, who have been refining the act since 1984. If you haven’t seen RHPS, I can say doing it through the audience participation isn’t the best place to get a feel for it, so get your watch in before coming on down. With that out of the way, go all out and appreciate the wonder of a crowd joyously appreciating a wonder of film. Pants optional.

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