Things Are Happening Places: Makeshift Media Group & Project Famous Films Showcase

Makeshift Media Group n Project Famous Films Showcase June 2014

You wouldn’t really guess it from the way I’ve been floundering about for the past year, but filmmaking is fairly big to me. It’s a medium I’ve been learning through YouTube as a hobby, and I’ve hoped to make it a full time thing…as silly as that sounds. Truth be told, there isn’t much money in filmmaking unless you’re lucky or really get the business aspect of it. There’s also the fact you need to be good at what you do, which not only means skill but consistency and speed. I has none because of past stated reasons in my oh so emo blog here, so I won’t go into it again. What I will go into is how awesome I think the filmmaking crowd here in Madison is, and if/when/ever I get my head out of my ass, heads will roll (with boredom?).

For now, you best be checking out the works of Makeshift Media Group and Project Famous Films (what, we have a production team now?). This June 29th at the High Noon Saloon, a total of 5 short films will be shown through the evening: newly released A Hot Summer Chill, last year’s Quantum of Vengeance, this year’s 48 Hour Film submission Crazy Over Broke, last year’s 48 Film “D”, and Burn the Money to round things out. I’ve had a small hand in making three of these happen (the PF related ones, was out of my mind when I could have helped Makeshift), so I’m glad to see these getting some public attention.

DVDs and posters will be up for grabs, and I may actually be present for this showcase as well…but more than likely I’ll be scared off by the crowd and the real/perceived issues of my being there. Did I mention I was once out of my mind and likely still am? But again, should be a grand evening of visual and audio appreciation, and likely the start of a road to even more filmmaking. There’s plenty to be psyched about just for that.


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