Things Are Happening Places: Tromadance 2014 (also Emily Youcis)

Despite the fact I shouldn’t have known a dang thing about Troma movies in my youth if my parents had done their parenting duties, I somehow came to know of the Toxic Avenger and related films. I honestly couldn’t tell you how this came to be, though I have memories of Troma films being played on USA and watching Class of Nuke ‘Em High with my parents…but hey, they told me when to close my eyes, because that’s enough, right? But I honestly don’t mind that such media was a small part of my youth, because while I never fully embraced Troma, a seed was planted which I have embraced in the now. God dammit, Troma films are what filmmaking should be about…in the sense they just go out there and make films, and not the hyper violence and sex that’s associated with it. Just to clarify.

…And I think we are jumping the trend a little bit with what I share on the places happening are things, because this isn’t local to Madison or even Wisconsin. But guess what? It is a thing happening, at an are place, and the Internet has no care of location as long as information flows, so…deal with it. And this is a very big deal, this place and thing that are happening: TromaDance, Troma’s response to the poor excuses we deem to call film festivals. Seriously, this thing is a very big deal, given it even has its own wiki page separate from Troma’s. When does an event of a certain entity become it’s own entity, especially when the original entity is the (sadly) underfunded Troma?

While TromaDance is fairly rocking, it’s not the reason I’ve come round to share this. No, a particular animator will be making an appearance there: Emily “Pukis” Youcis. Emily is…quite the character. I rediscovered her from an early episode of the Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast (oh gods, new episode already, much please), and I say rediscovered because I honestly believe I knew of her on Newgrounds when I sought out her original masterpiece, Rise of Alfred. That piece touched the hell out of me, and I still find myself watching it (start to finish) every now and then.

On the work of Emily Youcis? Vile heart-wrenching trash which brings about feelings of anger, sadness, madness, and slices of hope just to make the pain worse. I say that with great respect, because I adore the vision she’s giving the world. The made rush or color and emotion she works with deserves some note, though it’s understood if the world will reject her for it. Most everything Emily has done is provocative, which is entirely intentional on her part, gaining her a tad more infamy than regular fame…though it could be said they are different faces of the same coin?

It’s otherwise hard to grasp what Emily’s all about. She’s been a part of many creative ventures, but has nothing really central of her own. Yes, she has Newgrounds, YouTube, a Facebook made just for Alfred Alfer, but the management of it all is haphazard, likely due to the fact she always seems to fly by the seat of her pants. Rough, because again the work she makes is worthy of being noted. Hence why I’m spreading word of her appearance at TromaDance, and I sure hope they are accepting of her. It would seem like a match in Heaven, Pukis and Troma, but we will see how the cards play out.


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