Things Are Happening Places: Real Hipster Army – Summer of Bad Movies

Real Hipster Army Logo June 2014

I listen to far too many podcasts. This can be a problem, given that my focus tends to get distracted by conversation when I need to be working on something, and the amount of mindless labor I can do isn’t of sufficient value to keep up with the influx of media I get. I managed to finally catch up with over a years worth of backlogged episodes during my last work venture, but with that good and gone (possibly until the next football season starts), the podcasts have been accumulating again. One of these podcasts is the Real Hipster Army, which I’m so behind on that I wasn’t aware that the whole of July is going to be a bit special for them.

A little bit of my history with the Real Hipster Army: I honestly didn’t know they existed until Kloudygirl gave a mention she was appearing on a RHA episode. And when KLG tells you she’s going to be somewhere, you listen! That and I can’t get enough of her voice…*blush* ANYWAY!!! The RHA podcast was otherwise still new at that time, and I decided to keep listening in to see where they could go with it. And so I have become one of their biggest fans…I guess? It certainly helps to get such a status when you write into the show with additional comments, which I tend to do when certain topics are rocking or something wasn’t addressed properly. Like giving mad credit to Power Rangers, yo!

Onto what’s going done the whole of July: Real Hipster Army is starting something called Summer of Bad Movies, which I guess is a seed of an idea that was planted when their K-911 Film Review went over well (of which I am part of, strange as it is). Each week the RHA crew will review a bad movie for the listener’s entertainment, and through the magic of computers a listener will have the chance to own that same movie. At least that’s what the assumption is. A lot of the details are still in the air, along with how one shall get their hands on a DVD/VHS/etc. through the month. Guess that means you better listen in to the RHA to find out?


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