Things Are Happening Places: Are We Delicious? – Delicious Festival

Are We Delicious Logo June 2014

Theater (or “theatre” if you prefer) is rocking. Theater on the fly (done right) is even better. I have enough trouble trying to conceive how a show it done at all, but those who make it in just a single week? Genius! Thus is the premise of your basic Are We Delicious? showcase, a show made up of incredibly talented writers, improvisers, and actors. Okay, so I have never gone to a show myself, but the talk of the town is that this is the show to see when it happens to come round. And you know what? Not only is there more Deliciousness on the rise, but auditions for the next run are incoming as well.

But this isn’t just any Deliciousness. This Delicious treat is for the Delicious Festival, which will be held at Broom Street Theater. Not just a couple performances, but four weeks of entertainment, a different cast every week, starting in September and ending in October. That’s way too much Tastiness. I mean Deliciousness. Whatever. Auditions will be happening through the second week of July, so if you want a chance to be a part of this tasty/delicious/etc. production, get yourself set up immediately. Should my sanity and livelihood still be intact, I’ll be there to watch and marvel how the heck you managed to make it all come about. Likely because you’re awesome, but aside from that.


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One thought on “Things Are Happening Places: Are We Delicious? – Delicious Festival

  1. Tony Trout June 30, 2014 at 10:47 am Reply

    Joe, thanks for the kind words.Can’t believe you’ve never seen the show. You write like you’re a regular. Thanks for including the audition link. We’re hoping to get a lot of great people.

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