Things Are Happening Places: Coffee Gallerie Open Mic

The Coffee Gallerie Open Mic July 2014

Truth be told, I don’t think I’ve actually been to an open mic before. Never got myself out of the house much, and the most artistic culture I’ve had has been here in Madison. And yet I still haven’t gotten myself to a open mic! Though this could possibly change? A place called Coffee Callerie recently caught my attention when it was noted a monthly open mic is held there. The info was second and required some verification, and they didn’t even have an official graphic to advertise the gathering. That does seem to be the standard of most gatherings these days, doesn’t it? Well, I managed to make the one above, so they have one now, right? And it’s totally fine and not amateur at all! Moving on…

The Coffee Gallerie Open Mic happens the second Tuesday of every month, which means the next one will be held July 8th, 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM. The focus has mostly been upon acoustic guitar thus far, though all forms of performances are welcome and should come. Should one just want to come for the sake of art appreciation, those folk will be glad to know the Coffer Gallerie has a delicious menu to eat while enjoying the open mic, along with art pieces which are hanging there for sale. I actually liked a current piece by Laure McConkie, which told a very interesting thought (literally), and the color and madness it inspired made me smile. This location is within biking distance of me (though all of Madison is, now that I think of it), so I may show up to see what it’s all about. Won’t have anything to bring to it, because my performing days are shot till I’m sane and willing to entertain in that fashion, but it could be nice to see what others are trying to bring to life.


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