Things Are Happening Places: Northside Independence Day Celebration

Warner Park July 2004 Madison Flickr

Do you take a part in making your community awesome? I don’t just mean the clubs you are part of, the volunteer work you may do, but the actual well being of your community, how it functions and lives? Due to the fact I’m always keeping to myself, I never really understood the collectives around me making things happen. Milwaukee was such a blur I couldn’t even tell you it had a theater scene, and Fort Atkinson may be small but it has initiatives which are worthy of anyone’s time. But here in Madison? Sort of getting the hang of it, but it took me a whole year to realize my location had something called the Northside Planning Council which is not only looking out for my interests…but giving the community a dang good time.

On July 5th starting 8 AM, the Northside around Warner Park is going to be the staging area for a multitude of activities. It all starts with a parade that will weave through the bike paths of the park, leading to a welcoming program to begin the days activities of games, music, contests, and food. A Mallards game will start at 4:35 PM, a Hometown Sweethearts performance at 7:45 PM, and the night will finish off with fireworks…yes, that sounds like a fairly fun filled day, and something awesome to look into should one still wish to party after the 4th of July. Given it’s my living location, I’m bound to notice it and be enticed to participate, though the crowd will likely scare me off. But if they have good brats at a decent price and a combination of interesting fried foods…just maybe.

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