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Things Are Happening Places: Rex Rocket

Rex Rocket Promo July 2014

Over a year ago I gave $10 to a Kickstarter game called Rex Rocket. On August 5th, this game is going to be released. And much depression is felt, because I do not have a proper computer to play it at this time. I can certainly download my DRM-free copy and tuck it away for a future date, but the urge to play it now cannot be sated. Perhaps you could play it and tell me how awesome it is? With plenty of 8-Bit 2D shooting platform goodness buffeted with the music of Saskrotch, how can it not? Be there when the game drops!


To Manufacture Hope

The world continues to show it will always have more trouble to throw at me. About two weeks ago, my computer issues accumulated into a hardware and/or software issue I don’t understand in the slightest. The next course of action is to take it to a computer shop or computer savvy friend to decipher the issue for me, put in the necessary repairs, replacements, upgrades, etc. so I can continue the media creation I was getting into the habit of using. Problem being, that isn’t an option for me at this time. Even getting a quote on what the computer will cost me is out of the question, because funds have become so tight I can’t allow anything but the essentials anymore.

As such, I am only ever able to make use of the Internet when someone is willing to lend their own computer to me. My roommate has thus far been very forgiving of my situation, though I loathe becoming attached to using his laptop, because it’s just allowing me to continue being attached to a lifestyle I no longer have the means to keep up with anymore. To create for anymore. There are no more video production, photoshop experiments, music/podcast appreciation, or social media communications (to the scale I was doing at least). Now there is only the dire need of continual work for the next several months as I seek to cover rent, car insurance, computer repair/replacement, wedding expenses (I’m the Best Man again), and bicycle issues because I don’t know how a certain situation will play out yet. Continue reading

Things Are Happening Places: Future Pop Revolution (Joey Broyles Album)

Future Pop Joey EP Promo July 2014

August 5th, 2014. Across the world, the Internet, and in your minds. That is the release date of Future Pop Revolution, the first official album Joey Broyles will be released. This album (or intended to be released versions of it) has been delayed for about as long as Joey has been promoting it…which feels like forever! Which is why I’m damn glad to see this coming about. To appreciate the music that’s about to be released, how about pre-gaming with Joey’s SoundCloud, ReverbNation, Broadjam, or wherever his music can be found. The Revolution is almost upon us.

UPDATE: Apparently there is yet another delay. The album will now be released on September 2nd. Deep breathes. The wait will make the release that more intense. And if you need a little more tease, there is still a musical gathering of the intended release held at Funk’s Pub.

Things Are Happening Places: Lyre Power

Lyre Power 2014

Music is a skill that deserves and needs to be taught to the world. Not overly commercialized jargon which is made to sell other products, but music that entertains and makes our mind grow in ways it otherwise couldn’t. Such is the power of sound! So seeing something like Lyre Power makes me smile. It lays claim to being the first and only youth program in Madison to focus on music composition and improvisation with an emphasis on experimentalism. An impressive claim, unless of course they are a lyre…ha. Ha. HA! Continue reading

Things Are Happening Places: Geek.Kon 2014

Geek Kon 2014 Promo

Geek.Kon is happening again. I made my case for this convention last year. I don’t think I need to explain the awesomeness to you again, do I? Good! Now if you haven’t registered already, you best do so soon. Volunteer if you feel inclined. The convention is starting up next month, and making plans of what to do, who to see, and what to wear are very important when going to a convention. August 22-24 are the days to plan for…make this next con rocking!

Things Are Happening Places: ELECT MORE VARIETY SHOWS! (BST)

I’m a tad behind on things, but what can be expected when your computer is bust, your funds are shot, depression reigns, and you need to work overtime just to break even? But there’s some clarity to be found when you’ve hit a roadblock on where you thought you were going, and while I’m still confused and as lost as before, I at least have a more refined path given that my options are now much more limited. The good with the bad! As such, let’s see what Broom Street Theater has in store for us…later tonight? Oh dear, I really am behind.

The next batch of shows comes in ALL CAPS, titled ELECT MORE VARIETY SHOWS! (exclamation point included). A true variety show having short plays, poems, and songs that satirical, political, and celebrate the culture of Madison and the rest of the world. Sounds like my kind of entertainment! Proceeds from the show will be donated to the Workers’ Rights Center and the Tenant Resource Center, and it will run 8 PM Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until July 26.

Things Are Happening Places: Crochet-a-thon (also The Bodgery)

Crochet-a-thon July 2014 Promo

You know how La Fête de Marquette snuck up on me? This did as well: a Crochet-a-thon is happening July 17, aka a yarn bombing. Kinda. A student is finishing up their thesis, which involves, “designing a structure and integrating a weaving aspect,” to quote the writing. People will be gathering together at The Bodgery (which I also just found out about) to gather together materials and even knit/crochet/etc. on site, which will then be donated for the final project. Much as I dislike it, I have no time to research this and share in full on who all the players are and the history. All I have time for is to tell you to go. Go there to learn! Go there to be a cheerleader! Go there to appreciate delicious rainbows!

Conversations with a Therapist #10 – That’s a Tasty Burger

I’m a suicidal depressive, life sucks, blah blah blah, what else is new? Oh I don’t know, how about actually attempting to do something about it? That’s the one thing that’s been missing for the longest time since Fall 2013: actually doing something about my circumstance so I’m not permanently disturbed by my insanity. I hit a roadblock in the form of Journey Mental Health, the place people recommended the most to me, when I was told to pretty much fuck off because I had no insurance. After I told them I was a suicidal depressive as well. Got plenty depressed and suicidal after that point, and really haven’t bothered to do much else since.

Why? Because my will was weak, that’s why. All roads look like rubbish after a long enough time, and my earnest effort to seek mental health was smothered by one setback: money. And yes, oh so many other options for me if I just happened to look and see…but again, all roads are rubbish, so why even bother? This mentality has pretty much been my life up until a month ago, when a friend of mine did something incredibly stupid: he made a strong effort to have me start talking to him about my issues. Continue reading

Things Are Happening Places: A Matter of Legacy (Auditions)

I try not to make promises anymore. Promises entail not just intention, but force of will and ability. I’ve lost the ability to have a will for anything, regardless of my ability, but the outcome remains the same: a flimsy intention, a failed promise. The amount of failure I feel is really just the imagined feelings I believe everyone has for me, regardless of what’s said by others. The constant clumsiness I feel never stops, so I just stopped trying. I no longer have faith in the world or even myself pulling through the motions,

Then something called A Matter of Legacy comes around, a musical slated to show at Broom Street Theater this Fall. Don’t bother going to the link, there’s nothing there at this time…yet. Rather, go to the BST Auditions page, which will give you the information you will need to be a part of the venture. A cast of twelve (nine men, three women) will not just be acting, but singing and dancing, something I’ve yearned to attempt for the very first time. Auditions will last July 14-16, 7 PM every night at the Wil-Mar Center (place is rocking), so there’s plenty of time to consider a piece to sing…except for me. Continue reading

Because The World Really Doesn’t Care

My mind usually becomes a cloud of rubbish after a social gathering. Nothing to do with the company, but more to do with my brain and how it works in the now, and my brain was not treating me right as I biked down the street. If you told me it would be possible to be even more furious, I would have rolled my eyes at you. But then I got hit by a car coming out of a parking lot which didn’t see me biking. I screamed at the world, threw my bag to the sidewalk, lifted my bike out of the road because the tires were fucked, and put my shoe back on because it decided to fly off when my shoulder collided with the hood of the car.

But rage really doesn’t let you see the big picture. I didn’t see myself and how wretched I looked. Didn’t see the worry and concern of the man whose car hit me. Didn’t see the two people who came by out of concern to me and saying how this situation should be handled. Didn’t see the circumstance of how fucked it all was. Until the rage faded and allowed me to collect myself, and the shame of how I threatened the driver, lost my transportation, and how very small I truly was came crashing down. Continue reading