Things Are Happening Places: Misfits of Madison – THE TRA$H ROYALTY PARTY

Misfits of Madison July 2014

Have major props to give to Joey Broyles for bringing around Project Famous. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be poor and miserable in the big city! I mean closer to a city of potential opportunity! Yeah! Things have been rocking for Joey fairly hard this past year as well, and the show has gotten fairly intense…at least that’s the impression I’m getting from those who are part of or go to the show. There’s video too, but that never really conveys the full show like it needs to, trust me. Because despite the fact I’ve been following Joey’s journey along, I haven’t been to a show since Fruit Fest 2013, and the current show is very different from what I saw then. So…I have some catching up to do.

Luckily Joey Broyles has a performance coming up July 11th at the Inferno, so it’s possible for me to catch up on the act should I manage to get over copious amounts of social anxiety. In a nightclub. But there’s plenty more to enjoy that night should I go: Midas Bison will be there as well, along with Mitch Gundrum and Mercury Stardust. Sounds like a hell of a good evening. Entry for the night is $10, though if you come in dressed in trash the price is cut in half…though I think the cost of getting a proper trash crafted outfit would outweigh the entry savings? There is a contest for best dressed, dirtiest mouth, and hottest mess as well, so it could still potentially pay off? So aside from crippling social anxiety, what’s keeping you from coming to the show?


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