Things Are Happening Places: Clipstream XV

Clipstream XV Promo

Those who know me are aware of my unhealthy obsession with old school video games and the genre of music that utilizes the sound chips of them: Chiptune. It’s honestly a mess of a genre, which can be seen from research done by an outsider. And in truth, I know next to nothing about it either. I have my favorites whom I connect with, who direct me to others over time, but I couldn’t tell you a damn thing about “the scene” in regard to the major players or what’s happening. So there’s plenty of shame to be had from this supposed fan of chiptune. I keep going by doing the only thing I know that feels right: dancing to the music that feels good to me. Should be enough…right?

One of the means I’ve managed to enjoy chiptune through the magic of dance is a monthly web stream called Clipstream. It lays claim to being the world’s longest-running monthly web series showcasing chiptune artists from around the world…and who am I to say otherwise? Also, it’s damn awesome. Prior shows had me conversing and dancing with the rest of the listeners throughout the entire day. We are talking over 12+ hours of assorted chiptune performances from around the world, and it was rocking. And it’s continuing to rock, because Clipstream XV (that’s fifteen/15 for you non-Romans) is happening this Saturday, July 5th. The music starts at 3 PM, and while the official word says it’s going on till 12 AM, you can be sure people will supply music past that point. Usually. When you have a party like that going, it’s hard to stop the energy. Are you a bad enough dude to listen in on chiptune?


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