Things Are Happening Places: Bartell Theatre Awards 2014

Bartell Theatre Awards 2014

The Bartell Theatre. Got introduced to this place last year through Queer Shorts 9, and…really haven’t been back to the place since. Sure I’ve seen a few shows, but very sporadically, via a combination of finally getting out in the world and being stupid with my money. Be it social or monetary issues, I haven’t appreciated the location as much as I should have. Could have? But what I have seen through the year has made me smile, and I’m happy to be a little closer to the place. And wouldn’t you know, a refresher of what’s been had this past year is coming round in the form of the Bartell Theatre Awards.

One part award spectacle other part fundraiser, the Barties (as the show is affectionately called) recognizes the best the Bartell had to offer for the 2013/2014 season (the start/end point usually around Queer Shorts). The evening of July 12th will begin with a silent auction held at the Evjue Stage, followed by a red carpet leading up to the award ceremonies. Should you wish to celebrate in house afterword, free champagne toasts will be available along with the cash bar. Sounds tight, yes? Will sadly have to pass this up, however, due to the continuing monetary issues I’ve already mentioned. Still, that doesn’t mean the rest of the world can’t appreciate the amazing people who made this year splendid, right? A toast to the actors, designers, directors, and producers! May they continue to inspire every color of the rainbow.


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