Things Are Happening Places: CoK @ The Endzone

CoK At The End Zone July 2014 Promo

We love the comedian. We love the fact there are people out there who make it their jobs to bring humor to our lives. To teach us the absurdities of this world, to just stop taking offense to so many things just have a good time. Regardless of perspective or action, comedy is meant to enrich the lives of the many. At least that’s what my limited mind would think, but it’s so limited by real experience I may as well be talking out of my ass. Also because I’ve never really experienced the comedy scene. We’re not talking television or a bunch of YouTube videos (because screw television), but the true beginnings of comedy: out in the clubs, on a stage, in front of strangers who are usually too disgruntled to even laugh.

The closest I’ve gotten to the scene came from a work relation who was part of the Caste of Killers Comedy Collective. Or CoK for short. Yes, please start thinking about all the CoK jokes you can, because that’s just damn good marketing. Stationed in Milwaukee, the CoK Collective has been strengthening the local comedy talent since 2010, and continually brings great performances to venues. Aside from seeing a few gatherings and managing to film such a performance back in 2011, I’ve otherwise been very distant from CoK these past few years. Not being in Milwaukee will do that, but it doesn’t feel like a strong excuse to me.

Besides, the Caste of Killers have been spreading their tickling tendrils out of Milwaukee, so it’s not like I can’t be seeing them. One of the co-founders, Jason Hillman, recently made an appearance with Chez Bouche here in Madison. There’s also a CoK July 13th appearance over at the Endzone Sports Bar & Grill in Delavan. Of the comics who will perform, I’ve seen a few, though it’s always the unknowns which catch you by surprise. Curious to know how well Steak will perform that night. Hopefully it isn’t eaten alive by the crowd.

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