Things Are Happening Places: La Fête de Marquette 2014

La Fete de Marquette 2014 Promo

Madison is always offering something new for me. The more I think I know what’s going on, the more I keep learning how far my head is up my ass. As such, I know next to nothing about La Fête de Marquette, which is in its 9th annual year. I just…huh! You know, I’ve made it a habit to talk on the history of events and gatherings even if I don’t have some connection or investment in it, but this? I’m just going to say what this has to offer all on its own. The wealth of what it has should speak for itself.

First up, LFdM begins this Thursday, July 10th at 4 PM, at the newly constructed Central Park. I didn’t even know this park was in the works, and I’ve been biking around this place the past few weeks. It’s freaking me out! Children activities will lead into a Willy Street Co-op meeting and constant musical performances from around the world all the way to the end of the gathering on July 13th. Friday evening is when things begin to get intense with food and drink galore, along with the start of Mallatt’s Big Top which goes all the way through Saturday. There’s also a raffle to participate in, the proceeds of which will benefit the Wil-Mar Center.

This collection of activities is a mouthful, and plenty to be excited over. Had I still my bike, passing by to see the activities would certainly be in the cards (if I could get over my anxiety and depression). Only having a car makes me a little more nervous due to vehicle costs and parking restrictions, but I just might be compelled to go regardless. If all else, just to see what the new Central Park as to offer. Can’t go wrong with having more venues/options to enjoy.


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2 thoughts on “Things Are Happening Places: La Fête de Marquette 2014

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