Things Are Happening Places: Lyre Power

Lyre Power 2014

Music is a skill that deserves and needs to be taught to the world. Not overly commercialized jargon which is made to sell other products, but music that entertains and makes our mind grow in ways it otherwise couldn’t. Such is the power of sound! So seeing something like Lyre Power makes me smile. It lays claim to being the first and only youth program in Madison to focus on music composition and improvisation with an emphasis on experimentalism. An impressive claim, unless of course they are a lyre…ha. Ha. HA!

Lyre Power is a one-day event set for August 9 at Edgewood College. There will be workshops for about 50 participants at all levels of experience (although it is made for the young), which will finish an a climax of public performances. Participation in the event is not free, though quality lessons and entertainment usually isn’t, so you hopefully get what you pay for. And who can say no to hearing what the young have come up with in the realm of sound?


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