Things Are Happening Places: Full Circle (LSP Indiegogo)

Full Circle LSP Promo Aug 2014

I’m a tad behind on things, what with a bout of madness taking hold of me again and the long work hours sapping my time and energy. But! I wanted to make note of happenings are places things before they passed up. Let’s see if can keep up through the week! Because there are a lot of things! Places happening! Are!

*ahem* Living Storm Productions. It’s an independent film company in the Madison area, and they currently have an Indiegogo setup for their new short film, Full Circle. I’m always digging on seeing things get off the ground from those I know, and my feeling is no different with this. There’s also the fact that Rex Sikes knows how to be a great motivational speaker, and that just makes me giggle. If you can spare the funds, consider giving LSP a lift, and should you like to see Rex talk inspiration, check in on the trailer below. Seriously, that guy makes me smile.


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