Things Are Happening Places: The Capital Comedy Show

Capital Comedy Show Promo Aug 2014

I don’t get enough comedy in my life. Not movies and similar entertainment, but real person to person communication which makes you laugh your ass off. Touched the scene back in Milwaukee with Caste of Killers, but much to my shame I’ve lost touch with the collective. Turns out I could be doing the same thing here in Madison before I even start. There’s something coming up tonight called The Capital Comedy Show being hosted at the Crescendo Espresso Bar + Music Cafe. Don’t know any of the comedians there, but I know Mario Robinson and Ryan Mason (the host) of CoK will be present, and I need more CoK in my life. That I’ll get it is another thing, because tickets are selling fast. If you can get there, be grateful, for true person to person comedy is a treat to savor.

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