Things Are Happening Places: The Future of the Madison Discourse Project

Madison Discourse Project Promo Aug 2014

Tomorrow night brings forth something I know nothing about. Not because I’m off the ball as usual, but because I’ve failed to fully comprehend what it has to offer…other than it’s beautiful. Some time ago there was a collaborative project called A Discourse on Love, which sought to explore the idea/feeling/etc. of love through as many art forms as possible. What I caught was grand, but it was only a glimpse. Too far deep into myself to see it all, and now too deep immersing myself in other things to give myself time to see it at all. This game the universe plays is a tad ridiculous. Now that the Discourse on Love is complete, a new venture is being planned. It looks like this time the Discourse will be upon courage. I’m down for that, especially if it receives the same support as Love got. Ever good to see artists come together and make awesome.


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