Things Are Happening Places: Drive-In Caravan @ Highway 18 Outdoor Theater

Outdoor Theater Promo Aug 2014True story: I never had a date at an outdoor theater. Hell, I haven’t had a lot of dates regardless of location, but the point I’m trying to make is I yearn to have that date at some point. Suppose it could be called a bucket list item. Some people dream of getting married, getting certain jobs/works accomplished, visiting another country…I dream of taking someone out on a date to an outdoor theater and potentially making out with them. Not a requirement, because the tension is fine enough. Plus I love movies, especially those shown in the outdoor theater.

Let’s get to the point! The Madison Film Forum and Four Star Video Heaven are teaming up to host a caravan drive to the Highway 18 Outdoor Theater this Saturday night, August 23. The gathering will start on the patio of Maduro around 6 PM and leave shortly after 7 PM. Those who “join” the Facebook Event Page and the caravan receive coupons for a 2-for-1 rental and half-off the first month’s subscription service for Four Star Video Heaven. It’s a fine place, so trust me when I say that’s gold. Uncertain if I’ll be round for this, mostly because worrying of funds, possibly working on a film project, and of course…no date. And even if I had a date, don’t think I’d be around the folk I came with. Need that sexual tension, you know?


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