Queer Shorts 10 – In Summary

It’s been a time since Queer Shorts 10 happened over at the Bartell Theatre, and I’ve always intended to follow through on talking about it with a special someone. Only a little bit was covered, and having recently found the program from the production, I thought I would list my thoughts out over each play. Because a blog that doesn’t have at least weekly content is a blog without purpose. Or at least that’s the logic I’m going with at this time. As always, getting things done, even if they aren’t necessarily the best course of actions. It’s how I function to get at that which does need doing Eventually.

  • Another Damn Bucket List – This short had the pleasure of being the most shocking in how quickly it transformed by the end of it. Two old female friends talking about days past, one who is gay, the other straight (maybe)? Splendid and simple! And yet not. Really pulled at my heart when it came to a close, and what everything I just saw meant. Awesome.
  • Boredom & Ecstasy – The closest I’ve been to aroused while at a play, and that includes one in which actors were naked and being intimate. Jim Chiolino got the crowd laughing with what was uncomfortable, yet very similar to those who have shared their intimacies. Then Jay Edgar ran it home with his follow-up, making me damn happy for the couple and what greater intimacies they would have for each other.
  • Brenda Gets Herself Slapped – I’ve seen Dana Pellabon play a few different roles while here in Madison, and it was curious to see her play the role which evolved over the course of just a handful of minutes. And while the topic was uncomfortable (though one which is becoming normal to me), it was good to see good friends be able to talk of such things and be progressive/accepting of who they each were (even when they are a little drunk).
  • Christmas Morning – This was a cute look into the lives of two male parents preparing to give their children the best Christmas ever. Which amounted to one being overly anxious and one trying to sleep. Because gay couples can be just as overzealous about giving the best of things to their young as straight ones. As it should be, and I’m glad to see it play out as such…with the reminder that their life is in constant judgement because Murica. A little salt to make the sugar sweet.
  • For Unto Us – Knowing how they usually act because of their affiliation with Project Famous, it’s ever a treat to see Simone and Brian in different roles. This time? Children! And it was damn fun to see their child-like mannerisms play out. Potentially the short that had the smallest connection to being LGBTQ and more about Christmas/Hanukkah, but it’s one I’m glad was included for the entertainment it brought that evening. Again, always good to see Simone and Brian work.
  • Graceful – Two people wholly opposed two each other, yet deeply connected to someone they both loved. It hurts to see such people not understand each other. It hurts even more when realization comes about. But that’s a hurt which has the potential to bring about joy if it’s nurtured just right. I’m glad to see it reach a moment as that, because so many times it ends in disconnection.
  • If Knives Were Butterflies – Donnovan Moen gave a damn strong monologue, and it certainly pulled on me. And while I couldn’t appreciate it at the time, my recent visits to a psychologist have given me an understanding of how people cope and understand themselves and their loss. For certain the pain and treatment he went through was so much more severe, but I feel that process, and knowing the how and why he said the things he did made the emotional punch all the stronger.
  • The Lie – Potentially the weakest play due to long length and how certain lines came off, but that’s nitpicky for a short that still got the audience laughing in the end. Fun to see how a Republican congressman having a conversation of this manner, especially given the fact it would work against him in the long haul, but when has working politics as a game ever made sense?
  • Olivia Names Her Octopus – It’s funny how simple things can become emotionally investing to others. Having a recent relationship with plenty of ups and downs has reminded me of this as well. So seeing this couple go through such a moment, such a simple thing, and thankfully coming to a compromise which makes both feel loved? Just another small victory in what we call life. May those two continue to live happily, along with their squiggly adopted “child.”
  • One – A breakup between two gay men told through one word at a time, each telling the emotion and/or idea they were trying to convey at each moment. Took me off guard at first, but I quickly got into it, understanding what they were saying without them needing to explain a thing. A shorter short than the rest, but it was a good one to see play out.
  • Record – The most unexplained short of the lot, but I got the feeling it was implied Cyrus was transitioning, while Sara took this hard. As a means to hold onto what was, she recorded his voice while it was still the one she fell in love with. Outside of that, appreciating the highs of their good connection, and felling sadness when the wrong buttons are pressed.
  • The Star – The intermission type short that progressed through the evening was told without any words, and was all in bodily actions and/or language. First got a taste of Bob Moore’s skill of this in the Broom Street Theater play Chat, and he is still damn good at what he does. Always good fun to have theater of this nature, and it was a good choice to have it spread out through the evening.
  • The Virgin Abduction – The crowd was roaring over this and the banter playing out between abductor, abductee, and the unintended accomplices. Another performance from Simone and Dana, but I have to hand it to the abductor and abductee for giving their roles some soul. Gave plenty of time for comedic points to hit, and I love em for that.

…Well…not bad for a thought dump in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping. If this were 2 hours before a work day, I would be dead not too long after this. Instead, I’ll be dead later on this evening while driving to see a friend. Saw a friend, if all went well back then. Isn’t scheduled posting awesome? 😀


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