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Conversations with a Therapist #2 – U Mad Bro?

Welcome back to another conversation I had with my therapist. It’s always a little therapeutic to be conversing on random topics and get your mind flowing on things. Especially with this topic coming round, because no matter what I do, it always seems to rear its ugly head. Hence why it happened to be #2 on my list.

Anger. I’ve dealt with anger all my life. Been angry at a whole lot of people, though a lot of my anger was directed at myself in the long run. Even went so far as to hate other people, which is a whole other level of anger, usually involving violent and destructive thoughts in their direction. But again, a lot of that hate just got directed at me in the long run too. Continue reading


Conversations with a Therapist #1 – Blank Face, Bottled Fury

I used to see a therapist as a kid. A huge throng of them actually. Looking back I think it was a large waste of time and money, and I’m sure the parents are a tad furious about it. Okay, not really, because they were looking to help me through whatever troubles I may have been having at the time. The trouble is I think I just needed a friend and a better understanding of how the world really was.

That’s a little how it went for me and the last therapist I had. Near the end of our time together, he had a talk with me and one of my parents basically asking what it was I was doing there. I was pretty much a functioning, thoughtful and understanding individual, and in regards to who he usually took on (real headcases and suicidals), I was Average Joe. All the same, the time I spent with the guy was nice, and I think we had a few breakthroughs. What I try and tell myself in contrast to the guilt of guessing how much money went into such people over the years. Continue reading