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Fur Squared 2014 – In Summary

I went to a Furry convention. There’s really no need to beat around the bush, because I honestly don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I went into the den of the great evil! The big, bad, fursuited wolves! And found it to be no different than any other fandom, though I find preference to this than those who enjoy golfing, cars, and other conventions that happen around such mundane topics. I’m no Furry or even a Brony (much as my roommate will say otherwise, dammit, just stop), but I have enough geekdom/fandom/memes/etc. within me to understand that labels are bullshit. This Furry convention I went to is no different than any other convention I would otherwise enjoy.

OH!!! There’s a bunch of sexiness with animals going on! Sorry, not biting the bait of one “perversion” for another. Anime Central has its own bouts with sexiness, my favorite being the call outs of yaoi being sold, and fanart of the shirtless dwarves from the film adaptations of The Hobbit. If you look long enough you find perversion in anything, and while Furry DOES have it, it’s just a portion of the fandom. Anthropomorphic appreciation. That’s Furry fandom in a nutshell (to me at least), and if you enjoy fucking vampires you’re a fan as well, because they are undead bestial creatures. Cartoon animals! Almost everything in Dungeons & Dragons! There’s aspects of anthro in every fandom you enjoy, so Furry haters? Get over yourselves already! Continue reading


Things Are Happening Places: Rex Rocket

Rex Rocket Promo July 2014

Over a year ago I gave $10 to a Kickstarter game called Rex Rocket. On August 5th, this game is going to be released. And much depression is felt, because I do not have a proper computer to play it at this time. I can certainly download my DRM-free copy and tuck it away for a future date, but the urge to play it now cannot be sated. Perhaps you could play it and tell me how awesome it is? With plenty of 8-Bit 2D shooting platform goodness buffeted with the music of Saskrotch, how can it not? Be there when the game drops!

Talking D&D: Final Fantasy

Back in the day I said I would make good on a promise to create a class for another Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast. I made good on that promise, experiencing full well the troubles of making something balanced, and still making something that felt more like a joke than something a Player can legitimately use. Mind you I’ve still yet to play the class as written and already have ideas for rewrites, so it could still be a decent class if I can just get the data to show it to be the case. Any takers? Point being, I feel it’s my duty to make something else with a bit of seriousness this time, and thought it would be fun to make a custom monster from a very popular series of fantasy games: Final Fantasy.

Something like this is nothing new, as anyone with a simple Google search can tell you. I’ve had this idea for awhile but never really committed to it, so when I saw others took on the task before me, I had to take a look. And immediately headdesked. As it is with all fandoms, a lot of people wish to spread their love of it into other mediums like I’m doing. Problem being there are a lot of people who have no business doing it, either because they can’t do the source any justice, don’t know what they are doing, or insert too much of themselves into the task. The last item is fairly constant in fan fiction…and I’m guilty of that as well. Neopets is Serious Business, yo. Continue reading

Talking D&D: My Current PC #1

Just a little notice that I’ve made another video entry into my Talking D&D video series. Feel free to check it out and the rest of what I’ve made thus far. That’s pretty much it. Nothing to see here. Move along now.

Talking D&D: Game Design is a Bitch

Despite the fact I write about it “a lot” in my blog, and now have a video series dedicated to it, my knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons is very abysmal. I’ve only played the game with approximately twenty other people through the years, the most prominent being friends and family round the area where I live rather than a diverse number of folk who have had a grander appreciation and vision of the game and what it can provide. I give myself credit where credit is due, but in truth I am just a man who has only tapped the potential creativity the game can provide, let alone the countless other games that are established along with with those still to be written.

Plain and simple, designing games for the masses to play and enjoy is a pain in the ass. What’s more, its doesn’t pay well in the long run. So many DMs put work into making a proper game occur, and not only does it not seem to work out during the game with friends but the with business world as well. Making a buck is so difficult if we were to pay heed to Robert J. Schwalb’s words. It makes the need to make something new and interesting rather pointless, doesn’t it? But hey! We do what we do because of passion, rather than a need of survival. Getting lucky with our ideas is merely a side effect, and should at least a single person smile and pat one of us on the back, we are validated in our efforts. More often than not at least. Continue reading

Talking D&D: Dungeon Master Screens (and a new series)

No, not a post about reviewing Dungeon Master Screens. I already did that in a a video for my Talking D&D series

Continue reading

Talking D&D: Campaign Visions vs. Reality

This is not really a blog about Dungeons & Dragons, even though it works as such, but more an inspired narrative from a “homework assignment” given by the blog In Over Your Head. It was a general call out to have others write 750 words about the vision of a hopeful great piece of work, completed or otherwise. I’m one that ever continues to work for dream goals of production, and again and again I always seem to drop the ball in getting things accomplished. Even so, I always seem to get them finished along in some fashion, if just to get the obsession out of my life so I can move onto the next big thing I never got around to yet.

But there was a time where I just let something slide to the point where it doesn’t even matter if I finish it or not. Sure, I gave talk in the past about going back to it, but I feel drained enough about what I’m doing in the present, so why would I go back to a project not only unfinished and uncared for, but connected with some of the worst memories I’ve had? It’s been so long since I’ve thought about it all, so the recollection might not be accurate, because who wants to remember wretched events exactly as they were? Sure, it’s what I tend to do anyway, but surprisingly some things are still fuzzy. Continue reading