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Things Are Happening Places: BST’s 45th Anniversary – Indiegogo Campaign

This is the 45th year Broom Street Theater has been in operation. I’ve gotten a fondness of the place since last year, and to wonder about the struggles it goes through to bring entertaining acts ever boggles my mind. They make due with what they can while still making themselves fairly available to audiences, but repairs and upgrades are an eventuality, which is why they are likely in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign. As of this writing they are still under $1000, which is a far cry from the $4500 they are seeking. Care to spread some care to the theater that dares? *cringe* Yeah, that was bad. But really, consider the option. In supplement to this, consider seeing the Delicious Festival which will be showing through the month of September. So much Deliciousness on the rise.


Things Are Happening Places: Christmas with the Crawfords – Auditions

Christmas with the Crawfords Auditions Promo Sept 2014

StageQ is in the midst of prepping for the Christmas spirit, and auditions for Christmas with the Crawfords is right around the corner. Well, specifically September 8th & 9th with callbacks on the 10th. I sadly know next to nothing of this (there’s a trend here), but the idea of watching a story set in Hollywood’s “Golden Era” with actors in drag just makes me smile. Interested persons should prepare and bring music to sing, because CwtC is a musical as well, and dang does that make me happy. The show will run December 5th – 20th, so be prepared for a viewing. Christmas takes a lot out of us, after all, and it goes down easier with a bit of comedy.

Things Are Happening Places: Chiptunes = WIN – Volume 3

Chiptunes = Win Vol 3 Promo Aug 2014

Chiptunes = WIN is at it again. Continuing to bring you the best of Chiptune in vast quantities of awesome with Volume 3. Mmmm hmmm! Makes me wish I still had use of my computer so I could listen in at leisure. MMMM HMMM!!! But enough sulking, because this is time for celebration. Volume 3 is dropping tomorrow, and it’s a damn good deal to jump in to appreciate the efforts of the fine artists in the compilation. Come with me and hype over the info already released to the world, then get the album the next day!…I’ll pass on that for now. Moneys and means of play stop me for now, but certainly can’t stop me from being excited. EXCITED, you hear!? But really, damn glad to know ChipWIN is still going strong. May it’s rainbow continue to shine for awhile. Continue reading

Things Are Happening Places: Drive-In Caravan @ Highway 18 Outdoor Theater

Outdoor Theater Promo Aug 2014True story: I never had a date at an outdoor theater. Hell, I haven’t had a lot of dates regardless of location, but the point I’m trying to make is I yearn to have that date at some point. Suppose it could be called a bucket list item. Some people dream of getting married, getting certain jobs/works accomplished, visiting another country…I dream of taking someone out on a date to an outdoor theater and potentially making out with them. Not a requirement, because the tension is fine enough. Plus I love movies, especially those shown in the outdoor theater. Continue reading

Things Are Happening Places: Christy Grace’s Art & Soul Closing Party

Christ Grace Art Soul Party Promo Aug 2014A little something special is happening at the Art & Soul Tattoo and Gallery come August 28th. Christy Grace will be closing out the showing of her art with a party, and if you haven’t seen her work in person yet you’re in for a treat. Open to the public, the party starts up at 5 PM with food and beverages to satisfy the body while you satisfy your mind. Things start to get interesting at 7 PM, when Christy starts a live body art demo. Someone will be transformed into a canvas for the work off Christy! What will it be? You could wait for pictures, but things like this need to be experienced first hand, so get there if you can.

Things Are Happening Places: The Future of the Madison Discourse Project

Madison Discourse Project Promo Aug 2014

Tomorrow night brings forth something I know nothing about. Not because I’m off the ball as usual, but because I’ve failed to fully comprehend what it has to offer…other than it’s beautiful. Some time ago there was a collaborative project called A Discourse on Love, which sought to explore the idea/feeling/etc. of love through as many art forms as possible. What I caught was grand, but it was only a glimpse. Too far deep into myself to see it all, and now too deep immersing myself in other things to give myself time to see it at all. This game the universe plays is a tad ridiculous. Now that the Discourse on Love is complete, a new venture is being planned. It looks like this time the Discourse will be upon courage. I’m down for that, especially if it receives the same support as Love got. Ever good to see artists come together and make awesome.

Things Are Happening Places: An Evening Dedicating 10 Minutes to Your Favorite Movie

10 Minutes About Your Favorite Movie Promo Aug 2014

Haven’t been on the ball about things at all, but this thing right here? No one to blame but those in marketing, because I would jump on this the moment I knew about it…which was the past 24 hours, and it’s less than 24 hours the event should start. Y U NO TELL FANS!? *sigh* Not that I could afford Glass Nickel Pizza, but that’s beside the point. Living recordings of 10 Minutes About Your Favorite Movie? I’m down with that, given that every episode of that podcast is gold…well, except the one about Planet of the Apes (series of film, wasn’t specified), if I’m to believe what was said on another Little Podcast…podcast. Think it was Running With Scissors. But again, beside the point. Movies and pizza go together, and while it might not be an actual movie being watched, talking about them leads is an endless opportunity of fun. Hoping it gets the crowd it deserves.

Things Are Happening Places: An Afternoon of Ass Kicking (in movies)

An Afternoon of Ass Kicking Promo Aug 2014

The monthly screenings of Ben Wydeven are ongoing, and this month Jarrod Crooks is going to be showing along with him. Had the honor of seeing Dispatched back in March 2014, and dang did I have a good time. The blend of action, comedy, and romance made the film feel a little cluttered at times, but I can’t deny it looked good and brought out the very best of emotions within me. Mostly the punchy kind. Dispatched will sadly not be shown at the screening, but plenty of Jarrod’s short films will. And if you do need Dispatched in your life (you do), there should be DVDs ready for a trade of cash. Oh! And be ready for something called Bitch Slapped…it’s going to make you laugh all while you appreciate the action. And yes, late this is, but better late than never. Maybe? Maybe…

Things Are Happening Places: The Capital Comedy Show

Capital Comedy Show Promo Aug 2014

I don’t get enough comedy in my life. Not movies and similar entertainment, but real person to person communication which makes you laugh your ass off. Touched the scene back in Milwaukee with Caste of Killers, but much to my shame I’ve lost touch with the collective. Turns out I could be doing the same thing here in Madison before I even start. There’s something coming up tonight called The Capital Comedy Show being hosted at the Crescendo Espresso Bar + Music Cafe. Don’t know any of the comedians there, but I know Mario Robinson and Ryan Mason (the host) of CoK will be present, and I need more CoK in my life. That I’ll get it is another thing, because tickets are selling fast. If you can get there, be grateful, for true person to person comedy is a treat to savor.

Things Are Happening Places: Plenty o’ Musicians at the High Noon

High Noon Music Venture Promo Aug 2014

Music is always happening at the High Noon Saloon. And come this Thursday, August 14, the musical acts of CHANTS, Midas Bison, Annabel Lee, and Joey Broyles are coming round. Recently had an update as to how Joey rocks it in the now, finally saw Annabel during the pride shenanigans this past weekend, but I’ve yet to know the wonder of Chants and Midas. Someday when money and time permits! For now, consider the venture, and let me know how glorious it all was, alright? Need to tease the need.