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40 Days & 40 Nights – Version 2.0

I’m jumping on the Lent wagon again. This time I’m not giving up on one thing at a time, but going cold turkey: everything is going to be dropped. Tired of seeing a shade of myself with just a single piece of me missing. Want to see myself as an entirely different person, without all the vices holding me down (aka giving modest yet short comfort). Plus it’s much easier to pick up a whole new routine than ween slowly into it, because the shock will force the change, and keep it stronger in mind. Or at least that’s the belief me and my roommate have been having for awhile. Better to act a thought than let it lie, you know?

Where I’m at is rather unsteady, but I want to actually be doing something with myself, and bring focus into where I am and going. There’s a factor of falling back into depression despite the medication I’m on (yes, that is a thing now), but let’s pretend it isn’t here for now while I explain how this will work. Prior poss had me talk about how the last Lent challenge went, then talking about what I would be taking on next. Instead, I will now just note when deviations from my Lent occurs during a period, perhaps giving a background to the how and why. To remind everyone of how much of a fool I am, here is everything I’ve given up for a time in the past… Continue reading


R.I.P. Dan Marino 2008 – 2015


This fine shirt I’m holding up with my mouth is what gave me the name Dan Marino. The origin of the shirt is forgotten to me. I believe I inherited it from my older brother sometime in the 1990s when he was still a fan of the quarterback. I kept it because I’m the kind of guy who keeps shirts until they are literally falling apart. That’s why you still see me wearing the same clothes when you first met me years ago. How I roll, deal with it.

Years later on, I partook in Anonymous protests against Scientology. Their actions and thoughts were abhorrent to me and my growing atheist feels. Plus The Internet was going to be present, and that sounded like fun. During one such protest, I came wearing the Dan Marino shirt, and started being called as such. Also Soccer Mom, because I was providing a lot of good to keep others fed, hydrated, and entertained. It was fun.

What has happened since those times? Well, the big talk against Scientology has faded, or at least for me. Life got hectic, believe I fell into another pit of depression as I always do, and the Dan Marino shirt eventually became a junk shirt to wear during heavy work. As was the case for the past year, which has beat the shirt down with sweat, washing, paint, and sharp edges. It’s falling apart, and I can’t even justify to use it for the work anymore. The Dan Marino shirt is going into the trash.

Right before I came to this conclusion for Dan Marino, a trucker from the south noted my work shirt, and asked where I got it. Suppose he was a fan? Sadly had to inform him it came from the 90s, and was likely rare and expensive by this point. Got me thinking about the history of a shirt I never thought highly of, because…fuck football. Just a game. But the memories associated with the shirt? They were important to me.

That’s why we are here right now. To pay respect to a thing that birthed an idea. Dan Marino is dead. Long live Soccer Mom. Ideas tend to live longer than actual things, right?

Fur Squared 2014 – In Summary

I went to a Furry convention. There’s really no need to beat around the bush, because I honestly don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I went into the den of the great evil! The big, bad, fursuited wolves! And found it to be no different than any other fandom, though I find preference to this than those who enjoy golfing, cars, and other conventions that happen around such mundane topics. I’m no Furry or even a Brony (much as my roommate will say otherwise, dammit, just stop), but I have enough geekdom/fandom/memes/etc. within me to understand that labels are bullshit. This Furry convention I went to is no different than any other convention I would otherwise enjoy.

OH!!! There’s a bunch of sexiness with animals going on! Sorry, not biting the bait of one “perversion” for another. Anime Central has its own bouts with sexiness, my favorite being the call outs of yaoi being sold, and fanart of the shirtless dwarves from the film adaptations of The Hobbit. If you look long enough you find perversion in anything, and while Furry DOES have it, it’s just a portion of the fandom. Anthropomorphic appreciation. That’s Furry fandom in a nutshell (to me at least), and if you enjoy fucking vampires you’re a fan as well, because they are undead bestial creatures. Cartoon animals! Almost everything in Dungeons & Dragons! There’s aspects of anthro in every fandom you enjoy, so Furry haters? Get over yourselves already! Continue reading

Christmas Eve 2014 Affirmation

It’s now the evening hours of Christmas Eve, and I’m in a bit of a haze due to several hours of napping but not really napping. Barely passing out in front of your newly acquired Chromebook doesn’t constitute rest, and the hours of nothing have gotten to me. Need to get myself into action before the day is through, so I’m writing and affirming my thoughts to help those actions along. Christmas time is the time I get my own personal work done, after all.

Yeah, personal work, because I’ve spent Christmas time the same way since (I believe) 2011: by myself, and keeping to myself so as to not bother the times others have for themselves. Now that I think of it, it’s the same with every birthday, New Year’s Eve, etc. in that I never made plans. Plan entail the presence of others, and I could never convince myself to believe others would want to spend time with me during these moments. Especially on short notice, because it was and is always the case with me and the way my brain worked/works. Just don’t be a bother, because it’s not like you’re going to get much of a response anyway. Continue reading

Things Are Happening Places: The Capital Comedy Show

Capital Comedy Show Promo Aug 2014

I don’t get enough comedy in my life. Not movies and similar entertainment, but real person to person communication which makes you laugh your ass off. Touched the scene back in Milwaukee with Caste of Killers, but much to my shame I’ve lost touch with the collective. Turns out I could be doing the same thing here in Madison before I even start. There’s something coming up tonight called The Capital Comedy Show being hosted at the Crescendo Espresso Bar + Music Cafe. Don’t know any of the comedians there, but I know Mario Robinson and Ryan Mason (the host) of CoK will be present, and I need more CoK in my life. That I’ll get it is another thing, because tickets are selling fast. If you can get there, be grateful, for true person to person comedy is a treat to savor.

Things Are Happening Places: CoK @ The Endzone

CoK At The End Zone July 2014 Promo

We love the comedian. We love the fact there are people out there who make it their jobs to bring humor to our lives. To teach us the absurdities of this world, to just stop taking offense to so many things just have a good time. Regardless of perspective or action, comedy is meant to enrich the lives of the many. At least that’s what my limited mind would think, but it’s so limited by real experience I may as well be talking out of my ass. Also because I’ve never really experienced the comedy scene. We’re not talking television or a bunch of YouTube videos (because screw television), but the true beginnings of comedy: out in the clubs, on a stage, in front of strangers who are usually too disgruntled to even laugh.

The closest I’ve gotten to the scene came from a work relation who was part of the Caste of Killers Comedy Collective. Or CoK for short. Yes, please start thinking about all the CoK jokes you can, because that’s just damn good marketing. Stationed in Milwaukee, the CoK Collective has been strengthening the local comedy talent since 2010, and continually brings great performances to venues. Aside from seeing a few gatherings and managing to film such a performance back in 2011, I’ve otherwise been very distant from CoK these past few years. Not being in Milwaukee will do that, but it doesn’t feel like a strong excuse to me.

Besides, the Caste of Killers have been spreading their tickling tendrils out of Milwaukee, so it’s not like I can’t be seeing them. One of the co-founders, Jason Hillman, recently made an appearance with Chez Bouche here in Madison. There’s also a CoK July 13th appearance over at the Endzone Sports Bar & Grill in Delavan. Of the comics who will perform, I’ve seen a few, though it’s always the unknowns which catch you by surprise. Curious to know how well Steak will perform that night. Hopefully it isn’t eaten alive by the crowd.

Things Are Happening Places: Mad Rollin’ Dolls Roller Derby

Mad Rollin Dolls Promo July 2014

Have found memories of roller skating in my youth. The feeling of flying free across the floor is something many of us can relate to, which is why some roller skating functions still exist for adults to this day. They are few and far between, but they are thriving wherever you may find them. And along with this feeling of freedom on wheels comes a memory of punishment, when we were told to stop shoving each other around for the sake of safety, and despite the fact it hurt to hold back our primal instincts, we obeyed. Now that we are adults, we still have to obey because of the supposed decency of society that we have, and thus we never have a release of our urges despite the responsibility we have. That is, of course, you have the option to participate in roller derby, in which case hell yeah!

My first and only roller derby experiences thus far were with the Brewcity Bruisers, and it was hella fun. Punk, sexy, funny, and likely one of the few sporting events I enjoyed. Given I don’t enjoy going to sporting events alone (or anything alone), that’s saying something. Still have my Maiden Milwaukee shirt as well, because paaank! I’ve yet to see how Madison’s variation, the Mad Rollin’ Dolls, differs from Milwaukee’s brand, but I’m pretty damn sure it’s the same fun I’ve come to expect from the games. The 2014 Home Season Schedule finished up back in May, but the 2014 Interleague Season Schedule is still going on, with matches coming up July 12th and August 9th. There are also plenty of non-bout events, so be sure to check out their calender and do your best to support the sport.

Things Are Happening Places: Northside Independence Day Celebration

Warner Park July 2004 Madison Flickr

Do you take a part in making your community awesome? I don’t just mean the clubs you are part of, the volunteer work you may do, but the actual well being of your community, how it functions and lives? Due to the fact I’m always keeping to myself, I never really understood the collectives around me making things happen. Milwaukee was such a blur I couldn’t even tell you it had a theater scene, and Fort Atkinson may be small but it has initiatives which are worthy of anyone’s time. But here in Madison? Sort of getting the hang of it, but it took me a whole year to realize my location had something called the Northside Planning Council which is not only looking out for my interests…but giving the community a dang good time.

On July 5th starting 8 AM, the Northside around Warner Park is going to be the staging area for a multitude of activities. It all starts with a parade that will weave through the bike paths of the park, leading to a welcoming program to begin the days activities of games, music, contests, and food. A Mallards game will start at 4:35 PM, a Hometown Sweethearts performance at 7:45 PM, and the night will finish off with fireworks…yes, that sounds like a fairly fun filled day, and something awesome to look into should one still wish to party after the 4th of July. Given it’s my living location, I’m bound to notice it and be enticed to participate, though the crowd will likely scare me off. But if they have good brats at a decent price and a combination of interesting fried foods…just maybe.

Things Are Happening Places: Rocky Horror Picture Show @ Majestic Theatre


The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of those movies I’ve watched many times over. It first came to my attention back when my dad noted it was playing on VH1 for its annual viewing, and I thought it was stupid and gross from the random scenes I saw as a child. Then my older brother got into it during late high school (going so far as to get a soundtrack), and I finally got to see the full film and…liking it. My older bro eventually came to dislike the film for some reason, while I continued to appreciate it and one day dreamed to see it with audience participation…which I did (more than a few times). Continue reading

To Be Thankful

This writing started near the end of Thanksgiving, which I spent alone in my apartment because I was going to have my family gathering on the upcoming Saturday. It has only been finished now because it’s a hell of a long piece and an emotionally invested one at that. Emotions are hard to translate into language and quantify in general, and the pauses between understanding what needs to be said about them and the crippling sensations they give tend to add up. But finished it I have, and it’s likely the only thing of worth that came from me this whole holiday season. *shiver*

Despite the obvious, this piece of writing isn’t Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even New Year related, though it could be said to have arisen as an idea when another talked about being thankful. I never undertook the idea because it was too large and over the top, and certainly not my style (never be a bother, hide in room, only communicate if it’s absolutely necessary, etc.). However, due to my life crumbling into depths I dreaded it could go, changing how I think, act and cope needs to become centric for survival. So why the hell not take on the one idea which could properly let the world know what I’m thankful for? I may not get another chance. Continue reading