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Things Are Happening Places: Real Hipster Army – Summer of Bad Movies

Real Hipster Army Logo June 2014

I listen to far too many podcasts. This can be a problem, given that my focus tends to get distracted by conversation when I need to be working on something, and the amount of mindless labor I can do isn’t of sufficient value to keep up with the influx of media I get. I managed to finally catch up with over a years worth of backlogged episodes during my last work venture, but with that good and gone (possibly until the next football season starts), the podcasts have been accumulating again. One of these podcasts is the Real Hipster Army, which I’m so behind on that I wasn’t aware that the whole of July is going to be a bit special for them. Continue reading


40 Days & 40 Nights: Entertainment Consumption

By the time you read this, I am likely eating the chocolate covered almonds given to me as a birthday gift a week and a half ago. And I may or may not be having Nutella and a bowl of vanilla ice cream with pecan pieces thrown on top. Don’t want to go into a sugar shock or destroy my teeth any more than necessary, you know? While I may finally be able to eat chocolate again, it doesn’t mean I have to go and make myself sick. Already having a bit of that right now, and let me tell you, I look forward to not having to go to the bathroom so much. TMI, yes, so moving on.

And I did fail the challenge of not eating chocolate for this Lent. Were there any doubts it would be otherwise? I failed on three separate occasions, and all quite funny stories. My first failure was by strange mistake, one fueled by exhaustion from work. I had gotten in the habit of driving around town and exploring after buying snacks from the local Kwik Trip, and I had a craving for some peanut butter cookies. I quickly picked up a case, and over the course of the next couple days after that night munched on two cookies driving to and from work. Halfway through the container, I finally noticed the type of cookies they were via the label: white chocolate chip and macadamia nut. I honestly don’t know how I could have made the mistake, especially given they look nothing like Kwik Trip peanut butter cookies. Strangely enough, I discovered they taste similar when I eventually bought real peanut butter cookies later on (though white chocolate was slightly sweeter). Continue reading

Throw It All Away – A Project of Obsessive Behavior

Throw It All Away is a video project I started in April 2011, though if I wanted to get technical about it I think it started sometime around the end of high school in 2002. It is a collection of 1400+ photos taken from my collection of assorted mementos, and then thrown out to the trash when I realized what the hell I was doing to myself. Not only that, but there were honestly a lot more items I didn’t bother to photograph, given how exhausted I was from the process. If it isn’t fairly apparent with the project presentation itself, I had a serious problem. Probably still do. Let’s have a story time, shall we? Continue reading

My Akoha History #15 – Neopets…Eventually…

Through my years of living, I’ve come to accept that what I promise is a big difference from what I can do. Not so much in what I can actually do (which really isn’t much), but what I’m able to push myself to do with the time that I have. Too often I fall into traps of habit and thought which keep me from intended goals, and end up making everyone unhappy in the long run. That’s probably overly dramatic, but even without the emotion it’s true: I fail at living up not only to others but to myself. Ever the goal to work myself into gear and churn out all that I intend one step at a time, but hey look, it’s a new flash game that has you caging your girlfriend up because she’s a zombie. Fun!

“Cross My Heart” was played on December 16, 2010, and shares one of those promises I have thus far failed to keep. Shared on this mission because I believe it required to share a promise that was close to your heart, or something to that effect. And this promise? It’s Neopets related, and given how random and otherwise unimportant that one game is in the long run of things, that can give you an idea at the number and range of promises and expectations I give for myself. Oh, just read what I had to say… Continue reading

If I Had (Insert Amount) Dollars

Back in the days of my MacBook and previous endeavor into the Internet, I went to a lot of forums. Chatted in a lot of different places. These days, I simply stop by and say hello to the forum notifications I get, lest I have huge investments in whatever is going on in them…and I don’t. However, one of these forums, known as the Neopian Times Writers Forum (NTWF for short) sparked something in my head, and I felt I should write about it just to get it out. And yes, I realize that forum is a Neopets related forum, and yes, that also means I played Neopets. And I still check on it now and then. Problems? They get hungry, you know?

Anyway, the topic that got me obsessed dealt with this question: what would you do if you had unlimited wealth? No why you have the wealth or how, just a deep deep pocket of cash that is there via magic of a genie or something. What would you spend it on, including how you would use it for yourself. Just a silly pretend game, I know, but it got me thinking all the same, and when I get thinking, I tend to get obsessed with whatever topic I focus on. A boon and bane for this life of mine. Granted, playing the game is an interesting exercise, to really think on what I would ideally do should I have all the potential to make it possible. I still feel silly though, because the word Reality keeps flashing at me with neon lights, but lets ignore that for now. Continue reading