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40 Days & 40 Nights: Caffeine

What? I said I was going to start my Lent after the official Lent ended? Yeah, I say a lot of things, don’t I? Have no fear, I did start in on my Lent like I said I would. I just failed to write about it due to the constant haze of meh I felt for the world. And I started it on April 1st instead of March 31st because I decided to give myself one more bit of rebellion, given I didn’t really take advantage of my Lent from Lent. In summary, I did nothing new for myself other than continue to follow the same routine I always did, or at least that’s what it seemed like.

What can I say? I don’t really live the hedonistic life and hardly take any risks. Despite how I tire of living a planned and calculated life, going cold turkey is scary as heck and tends to smother rather than liberate me. As I found when I tried to do away with negativity, you don’t change with the flip of a switch. There is a switch in the sense that gears are now moving in another direction, but there’s a process that needs to be followed for a ship to pass through the Panama Canal if you know what I mean. One of the seven wonders of the industrial world may save you several thousand miles in travel time, but it’s not a straight 50 mile shot through the strip of land. In other words I will progress through steps, though I hope I’m willing to take the risks when they come round. Continue reading

Pwning Life: October 2011 Goal Review

Back when my life was falling apart in Milwaukee and I made the decision to run home to momma, I decided to met up with MilTownKid for coffee and a meeting. During this meeting, we talked about where we were going, but mostly where the heck I was going to go. Master Pain is awesome like that, and while I’ve yet to repay him in full for what he’s given me over the short time we’ve known each other (promoting my work, finding me a home, listening to money and girl troubles, etc.), he ever continues to give. Time to catch up on things.

Master Pain recently got out into the world once more (ever an ongoing process for us all), and he’s gathering up his crew the MilTownKlan for some epic projects in the near future. Putting the Band Back Together, Avengers Assemble, you name it. Being a self proclaimed member, I’m ready for the charge. And what is it? Well…? We are still in the process of trying to figure things out, learning who we each are and our talents, and that’s something which requires individual efforts on all parts. My own has been lacking, and I’ve yet to even see how I did with the goals we laid out that day in the coffee shop. This blog post is a means of catch up, and make sure I continue to be Pwning Life. Continue reading

My Akoha History #22 – About PANDAstar

“Music, please!” was played July 2, 2011, which I believe had me share something new in terms of music, or at the very least what I was listening to at the time. However it goes, you know? As just one of my music playlists on YouTube show, I listen to a wide array of music. I pride myself on having eclectic tastes, though I have to say I find a large attraction to electronic/synth more than anything else. I think it has to do with me growing up playing video games and the like, because I always feel right at home with such sounds. So much so I needed to find an 8-Bit version of Epic Sax Guy after listening to him for several minutes..which does exist. Thankfully great ideas aren’t mine alone. Heck, I’ve posed questions such as Ryu from Street Fighter vs. Jin from Tekken before they were even considering a game for that concept.

Enough derailment! Especially considering I’ve already spoken on my musical tastes enough that it’s becoming redundant. *ahem* My selection for this mission feels a little forced to me, because while I can believe I was indeed listening to it at the time, I think it was more an advertisement to help a musician I had the honor of getting to know. Nothing wrong with that, but just doing my part on being honest with myself on how things went down. The musician goes by the name PANDAstar, and like my talk on music I’ve spoken enough about her to be sickening rather than redundant. Certainly not going to stop me though. Onward to what I said! Continue reading

Cryptic ACen 2012 Meanings

ACen 2012 is passed, and I did it again. And like I thought I’ve been doing for a long time, I confused not only random people but a friend of mine I mentioned in the tweet. So here we are with a detailed explanation of each word. And yes, this is going to be my summary on ACen 2012. Anything more would be overboard, especially given the advertisement write-ups I had to do (to be shared soon enough).

Greens – Each year the IRT staff has to hire on new people to fill in the slots of those who aren’t there or didn’t return. We usually end up understaffed, or with not enough veterans to make things work. Simply put, this year’s hired on Greens were awesome. More so the two Greens I got to work with, who have been Congoers for a few years now and knew more about the con in regards to how it works rather than how the rules are to be enforced. That’s the one flaw I’ve had in regards to ACen (besides being horribly inept), and while I’ve been here since 2010, these Greens showed themselves to be more comfortable in all aspects of the work than I ever have. Kudos to them! Continue reading

My Akoha History #5 – Chumbawamba’s Tubthumper

March 25, 2010, was the date I played the mission Angst Avenger, which required me to submit the album art from a favorite record during my teen years. My teens years in terms of music were rather bare. The only music I ever really listened to on my own were the random cassette tapes from my father’s large collection, which had a focus on country but you would still find an assortment of rock and rap within as well. Being a kid, I had no understanding of what was “good” music. That’s how it is as a kid: you assume whatever is playing at the time must be good because why would there ever be a recording of it, or you would hate it for some reason even if the reality of the situation shows that the music is of fine quality. There have been plenty of moments I thought older music sucked because it wasn’t being played on the radio.

Again, a kid who didn’t know better, though I know there’s a point when you’re just being blatantly ignorant instead of uninformed. These days, I continue to call myself eclectic, being that I grew up with a good dose of country and classical music, and dabbled in the music around me found through networking and the Internet. Even so, I find myself usually connecting with electronic dance/rock/pop/etc. than anything else, if only because I like the way synthesizers sound in my brain: a bunch of frying sparks clashing and exploding in an amazing symphony.  In other words, Chiptune tends to win me over the most, because it’s a combo of video game nostalgia and the same burning feeling I get from electronic music in general. Support PANDAstar and company bitches. Continue reading

Cryptic ACen 2011 Meanings

So I did a little something on Twitter last year to share my more prominent memories of ACen. Each word held a special meaning to me so all I needed to do was think on it to recall the significance of it. A little later on I realized I probably confused a lot of people, so I eventually expanded upon each word and made a blog. Considering I just got back from ACen once again, I decided to do the same thing. And seeing as I’m restless and need something to keep me occupied (that isn’t wasteful), let’s just explain it all right now…

Boss – The saying which has since gotten overdone via the plug by Lonely Islands had been constant through the whole con. I teamed up with my two female roomies to hassle the other two male roomies whenever possible (though I think one joined in now and then depending on mood). It didn’t matter what we were talking about or doing, we were doing it…like a boss. Continue reading