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Cryptic ACen 2014 Meanings

We once more bring you another annual blog post to explain the summarized tweet I always put out after coming back from Anime Central. It’s been another great convention of cosplay, fandom, anime, geekdom, madness, emotion, exhaustion, walking, laughing, and…*sigh*…I may as well just admit it. This was the worst ACen I’ve ever had. Not on the part of ACen or those I spent it with, because they have always been awesome to me. The reason for it sucking should actually be very apparent for those who understand what I’ve been going through, and should come as no surprise.

Depression – Of the many rules one must follow when going to any sort of convention, not going alone is paramount. Having strong connections with people to properly decompress with and bounce things off of just makes a con that much better, if not the very reason you go to begin with. As many know I’ve kept myself alone for the longest time, and this has resulted in me not speaking anyone right up to the point ACen started. The vast majority of my free time at ACen was spent sitting by myself and watching others appreciate each other’s company, and I did everything I could to keep myself from crying because I wanted and needed their company as well, but had no idea how I should go about it or even bother trusting in others for that matter.

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Talking D&D: Acceptance

Let us begin with the Rod of Wonder. I first came across this bizarre magic item in my first campaign in the first few levels of play. It was given to us as a gift by the Demigod Zagyg, a new entry into the pantheon of the DM’s world. My guess he was added in via the untimely demise Gary Gygax the week before, or it could have just been a total coincidence. Back to the story, the Rod of Wonder seemed impressive at first because Zagyg showed you could duplicate the effect of a Lightning Bolt, and the Rod could be used over and over again without weakening its magic.

However, the Lightning Bolt only happens 10% of the time, while the other 90% of the time it creates completely random results. You see, the Rod of Wonder is an item based around dice rolling. Activate the Rod, roll percentile dice, and see what happens. Sure you could strike somebody with that Lightning Bolt or maybe even a Fireball, but you also run the risk of Enlarging the target, grow grass around them or even turn yourself to stone. Not only that, the effect you get could be entirely different than what you seek, and you may unintentionally hinder and/or harm your allies in the process. Continue reading