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My Akoha History #10 – Delivery Driver Memories

“Warm Fuzzy” was an Akoha Mission played on October 2, 2010, happening at random whilst I was at work. As a direct quote of the mission, I needed to, “Recount a time when a stranger surprised you with their kindness,” and this was certainly a customer who did that for me. For those not in the know, I used to be a pizza delivery driver for Toppers Pizza. Yes, I was employed when a certain Myza video got out, but I’m known for making strange/bad choices in my life. Moving on. I joined the store when it first opened in January 2009, and it was the very first store in Milwaukee as well. We had a falling out when I eventually accepted being a delivery driver could never pay for the expense of being a deliver driver, even when you’re dead center in downtown Milwaukee with a lot of bars and students to feed.

To explain in full the business of being a delivery driver, I’ll eventually make a My Experience video like I did with my private security business (which I’ll need to write about at some point, because there’s a story there), but in the now…I think it’s best to focus on making everything else in my life work. Being a delivery driver really kicked my butt in terms of funds, and I’m likely not to recover for a long while. There’s a tentative date of June/July 2012 where I’ll finally get back on my feet, but that doesn’t consider the debt of loss I accumulated from my stay. However it goes, this isn’t about the negative impacts the job had on me, but the positive ones which kept me on for so long. And like it is for many other people I worked with, it was meeting new and interesting people and making them happy in turn. The customer spoken of in this mission is just one of the many. Continue reading