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40 Days & 40 Nights: Porn #2

In my last 40, I spoke of Road Ranger’s amazing pizza and how rare it was to find in chain of stores. I eventually found out their website had a search feature which allowed you to find stores with specific features and options, one of them being their pizza. It would turn out the Road Ranger I visited on the way to my now ex-girlfriend in Illinois was the closest one to my current locale in Wisconsin. The closest one to me in Wisconsin itself resides in Oakdale, which is good if I wanted to visit a friend in La Crosse, but not good just to have a snack. The rest reside in Illinois and are otherwise over an hour away. So I’m screwed on getting Road Ranger Pizza.

Lest I make a trip, of which you can be certain I will be doing soon enough now that I have free reign to consume Road Ranger Pizza. Problem being I can only travel like that during the weekends, and my time is limited as it stands (or so it should be). I suppose I could drive there after work given it’s a 24 hour gas station, but I honestly don’t like the idea of driving alone that amount of distance just to feed a craving. If I had company, it would be another matter entirely. So this is a call out to anyone I know who would like to get some gas station pizza over in South Beloit, either on a weekend or sometime after 10 PM during the week. I’m starving. If done during the weekend, we can stop by Naughty But Nice and pick up something…nice? If it’s still open that is. However it goes. Point being, hunger drives a man to do terribly silly things, and my will is ever weak. Whatever. Om nom nom. Continue reading