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My Akoha History #8 – Google Maps

Scouring the Internet for otherwise deleted data is rough, and it pretty much tells you how much the Internet cared for Akoha if it couldn’t even be bothered to speak about Akoha even in the most obscure of forums. So yet again, I have to rely on guesstimation on what the mission “Roger Robot” was about. Played upon August 24, 2010, Roger Robot probably had me talk about a technical tool which has helped me tremendously in my life. For me, it was a matter of what helped me interact and communicate with the world a little easier.

There’s obviously the Internet, whose tools of mass communication are by far the leading force of this world in the now. Email, IM, simple video sharing and networking have cut the fat on so much misinformation it’s almost ridiculous. Of course, just as something can bring you closer together, it can also take you apart from everyone, and the basement-dweller is a much more common thing these days. So if I had to chose a tool of the Internet which not only excelled my life but brought me closer to interacting with it, I would have to go with Google Maps. Continue reading


40 Days & 40 Nights: Neopets

I’ve begun playing my Gameboy again, and I’m not too thankful, given the reason I decided to give it up (sorta). Will be finishing up the rubbish that is Dawn of Souls soon enough, but damn is it infuriating. Who knows? Maybe only half of the game will be rubbish, though that still doesn’t help the overall value of the whole product. Such a shame for such a famed early game, and I’d like to say the remake had potential, but how far can you go with the annoying concept of Random Encounters? I may be glad this is something of my past and not present.

But enough of my future pain, and to talk of my next 40, yes? It shall be something I’ve taken a great obsession to like Channel Awesome material (may need to give it up again), and it eats up a lot of my spare time upon the Internet when I could be using it to communicate. Or more importantly, create content instead of consuming it. And to be honest, I don’t really gain that much from it all, save for the nostalgic memories of being part of it and the power it seems to give me. I am of course talking about Neopets, which I’ve been playing on and off since 2000. Yes, you can start laughing. Continue reading

My Akoha History #7 – A Proper Manicure

I forget the specifics, but the mission “Let Me Try That” required me to learn something from another and possibly teach something in return? Considering there’s no way to properly reference this in the now, a guesstimation will have to do. For my lesson, I learned the basics of a proper manicure on May 17, 2010. Yes, this oh so manly man learned how to file his nails mind the cuticle. Instead of dilly-dallying, I’ll go straight into what I wrote…

For the longest time, I’ve had bad nail care. What else can be said? It was never taught to me while growing up, and I never really had a point to keep a look out on proper care. That is until work has slowly been whittling them down, requiring me to seek out those with some sense to teach me some. Continue reading

2011 In Review

And so, we come into the new year, making this blog a year and three months old. Why am I noting this? Because it would seem the stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog. Seeing as they went through the effort to make this for me (and every other WordPress user for that matter), I thought it would be interesting to comment on the results. Yes, it’s basically more filler, but I’m keen on reflection, which I tend to do more than actually doing work that brings about the need for reflection. As it goes.

Continue reading