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Cryptic ACen 2013 Meanings

You know the drill. I make a vague tweet, I write a blog to explain things, everyone reads it and become so enlightened by my insights they throw grand amounts of feels at me so I don’t think I’m just talking to myself and thus wasting my time. Oh who am I kidding, the latter happens pretty much all of the time, so whatever. Ever I need to get my thoughts out of my head, given there’s usually a mess in there if I don’t organize them in some fashion. Onward to breaking down key moments of Anime Central 2013, Sweet 16.

Main Output Kat 5Corset – Two-parter. One, I finally bought myself a corset from Draconas Creations, the dealer I had pegged the previous year. I had thought I would eventually drive down to their locale and order that way, but no, just waited till the very next ACen. That works. The other half of this deals with the fact I dressed myself up in my pink dress getup. It was my first public outing in the costume as well, and what better place than at ACen where no one will really bat an eye? Save the sexist males who will slap your ass and think it’s totally okay because I’m a man, but as it goes. I’m still looking for pictures of me during Hardcore Synergy because I know they were taken (some with permission too). So if you’ve been wondering who that smiling and dancing fool was while the bass dropped, come at me bro.

UPDATE 12/2014: I do not recommend Draconas Creations. Paid money for a corset in ACen 2013, and it’s been almost 2 years with communication had with the company. I’ve yet to see the corset I paid for. Shame. Continue reading

Pwning Life: Communication, Culture, and Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

I’ve been unemployed for over a month now, a state I chose of my own volition. The reasons have been expressed already, so I don’t need to go into it too much, though for the purposes of this talk I must say this: working with people who speak little to no English is a pain in the ass. Never mind the fact communication was almost null in the work place due to the loud machines, having a conversation with my coworkers was nonexistent due to a language and even cultural barrier. This brought on a lot of stress when I sought understanding from certain coworkers, who would look at me like I was an idiot, and to my shame, I did in turn.

Up front, I have no issue with employers hiring those with trouble in a language. What better way to teach a language than making it a necessity to use it every day for your livelihood? From there you just need to take steps to make sure you’re integrating people together, and not only were there no efforts in my workplace (that I was aware of), the environment smothered such things. For my part I could have taken some time to communicate with the folk around me and even learned Spanish (is a goal of mine) rather than focusing on just the work and nothing but the work. It’s hard to change ones ways, however, and I was determined to keep focus on the work rather than talk with strangers, and the loud workplace just made this action easier to accept. And so this went for many months, playing a factor in my voluntary leave from the company. Continue reading

40 Days & 40 Nights: Alcohol

Isn’t there always a fun story of how I fail to keep chocolate out of my life? This last Lent of mine was no different, even though the focus was supposed to be on caffeine. But thanks to the fact chocolate normally has caffeine within it, I had to give it up again. Or at the very least try, because wow do I ever note how easy it is to slip or forget where chocolate is present. Ever I fail my attempts to do away with chocolate, but this time is was exceptionally odd.

My first break came when I got the hankering for some more Little Debbie snacks because I’m a fat bastard, or at the very least haven’t let go of my fat bastard tendencies. By this point I was dying for a Cosmic Brownie, but I went with a box of Star Crunch because it didn’t have any chocolate, and I was quite proud I kept to my commitment of. Problem being that a Star Crunch is literally covered with chocolate, and this fact apparently escaped my common sense until I was halfway through my first one. How does this even happen? I can’t even tell you what I was thinking at the time, or what I thought that brown stuff covering the snack was other than chocolate. All I know is I thought I was making the right choice of committing to my Lent, when in reality I had apparently gone insane. Continue reading