I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016 Film) – In Summary

This is annoying. In the middle of the night, after months of not being able to write anything except communications to others…I break the silence to talk about a movie I just finished. I could lament how I could make such better use of my time than spend it idly watching visual media unfold, but then I would be damning my attempts to write out my thoughts, and I’ll be honest, this is a refreshing feeling. I’ve been meaning to write and a hell of a lot of others things for a time now, and that I’m actually doing without any planning whatsoever? So no, won’t damn it, but I’ll certainly be annoyed with how it came about.

The film was I Am Not a Serial Killer (obviously). I had no idea what the heck I was getting into, save that it appeared to be subject matter I’m usually drawn to, and I wasn’t doing much else with myself this Monday night…now early Tuesday morning. So I was once again taken aback by a film that exceeded my non-expectations, and likely even real expectations if I knew a damn thing about it. The film hits all the current marks of a good film for me: proper pace and editing, clever cinematography, moments of silence and reflection, and a story that progressed naturally with us finding things as we go, rather than getting the information shoved at you. The production did a damn good job, and that’s really all I need to say to give it applause…

…Then there is the matter that this film didn’t come out of a vacuum. It’s a film adaption of a novel with the same name. Nothing wrong with that, except there was no indication the movie had such a connection. It felt entirely its own thing, which fascinates the hell out of me, because the production could have easily taken a different direction. A studio could have easily saw the film as a money grab like most intellectual property, and put no care into making something worthwhile. The film doesn’t leave that taste in your mouth, however, but gives you something to see and feel.

Speaking of feelings, this is a film about sociopathy as well, because the lead we follow and experience the world through…is a sociopath. Which freaks me the hell out. Manipulation in general gets my goat on all levels, but sociopaths receive my full disdain. And yet this movie has you feeling for the troubles a sociopath goes through, and it actually works. Because this is a movie that isn’t telling you what it’s doing, you need to go into the heads of those telling the story. Empathize. Trying to empathize and understand someone who has no empathy is a challenge, and the challenge was real as I didn’t know what the sociopath wanted, or why he had interest in the real killer of the story. The experience left me with wonder, especially when the killer was shown to have a wide range of emotion, something the sociopath lacked (or at least at this time).

There’s plenty to digest within I Am Not a Serial Killer, and it’s a gem I didn’t expect to find on this lowly Monday (now Tuesday). Worth checking out for those who enjoy a patient and thoughtful movie experience, and definitely a worthy contender against all the other films with the psycho being the focus of the story. Certainly deserves praise on getting me to write out my thoughts, which I’ve been neglecting. Hopefully this will bring on more unprompted and perhaps even planned writings? I won’t hold my breath, but life can indeed give surprises.


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