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My Akoha History #1 – About Sean Bedlam

Akoha is dead. Instead of giving you a description of what Akoha was (before the redesign), here’s someone much more intelligent to describe it to you. As I said, this was before the redesign. Sometime after this, the cards concept was ditched altogether, making them nothing more than novelty items. I still have some of these cards, and I honestly have no idea what to do with them. I’m a man who doesn’t believe in waste, and will even go as far to make the process of throwing things out a production if I get obsessive enough. Point in case.

Since the redesign, the focus became more blog oriented with no real life implementation to speak of. Sure, the missions required you to go out and interact with the world, but there was no more official hand off. You simply completed the mission then talked about it on the Akoha website, netting yourself points which you could use to buy smileys to give to others who complete their missions. It was a major downgrade, and a right shame for something that could have been awesome, even more so now that it’s officially dead (though the lasting members have made communities since the death). Continue reading

Conversations with a Therapist #9 – A Life Tainted With Fantasy

The final subject I wrote on to speak with my therapist was “Books/Movies molding with reality,” and I felt a huge urge to not say a thing on it. This is because I feel I’ve pretty much talked about it, and I’ve since decided to stop being redundant. We could have ended this series with the last post, and I would have to find other fodder to speak about.  Instead, I’ve decided against it and thought I would come in from another possible angle.

In regards to what was on my mind at that time, I think it dealt with the attempts of media taking advertising methods (or full out games) which tried to blur the line between fiction and reality. Most of these attempts were simple money making schemes, though when I was that age, I probably didn’t know better. And I believe that’s pretty much it. Moving on. Continue reading

40 Days & 40 Nights: Chocolate

So I got through my time without porn. Did I succeed? Technically. I’m sure if I would be as critical of myself as I usually am, it would be a complete failure, but in the end I did indeed keep away from the porn throughout my Lent. By it’s definition, pornography is the portrayal of explicit sexual acts for the purpose of sexual arousal or exotic satisfaction. And there’s nothing pornographic or sexual about the nude female form and appreciating it for what it is. Anyone who has the gall to say otherwise needs to get their head out of their ass. Sure, some of the material may have pushed it, but I’m not going to be as critical of myself, so boo to you.

Took some hard thinking on this next 4o Days & Nights of mine, hence why it took so long to make this official written notice. That and the fact I’m having financial issues along with jury duty, but as it goes. Going to have to be something simple while I continue to work things out, yet still a big part of what has always been my comfort zone through the hard times. So I’m sorry Chocolate, my dear retreat of goodness, you and I will have to pass on seeing each other for awhile. Continue reading

Insight into my Work Dilemma

I’ll be honest up front, because I know it’s what people think when the topic of me comes around, but I’ve had very little experience in regards to anything expansive. Most of what I know has been very focused, and as such, I can’t really apply a lot of what I know to what really matters. Feels like that at least, but as it goes. This has translated into a very small job market for me, which I’ve been hacking through ever since I left my job of almost three years. Trust me, it’s something to be happy about, because even though I enjoyed the work and everyone there, I’m better off finding something that will elevate me from poverty rather than crash me into it.

Obviously I can’t apply to a lot of available opportunities, because the skills I have developed deal more with creative studies: film, gaming, and all things Internet. If there’s a job around that could pay me to dwell and geek on all things pop culture and creative, I’m sure I would excel tremendously. Granted, such jobs do exist, though they are mostly taken by the more knowledgeable and stable individuals, while I’m a mess and simply take to fancies here and there. Just one of the many things I need to ever work on…though stable income will have to come first. Continue reading